Helene Vosloo: crafting her own destiny through ICT

By Penda Jonas Hashoongo
July 2016
Women in Business

While most people would bemoan challenges and inhibitions as the main reasons behind not fulfilling their ambitions in life, Helene Vosloo’s commitment to hard-work and personal values has enabled her to build a respectable career in the ICT sector, in which she currently operates as the Head of Economics for the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN).

Vosloo, who is responsible for the tariff reviews of telecommunications licensees, data analyses, and preparing reports on the economy for the general public and other stakeholders at CRAN, tells Prime Focus Magazine that although there are still a few hurdles between Namibia and the realization of her development agenda, it is of paramount importance that all professionals who play a role in this process, such as herself, remain focused on the end goal.

“I believe that over the past 26-years, the Namibian Government removed most of the obstacles that hampered the previously disadvantaged to follow and succeed at a career path especially one such as mine that is dominated by men.  We as a nation should however become much more productive in all that we do. Hard work is the key to economic growth and taking pride in what we do will make us a strong and powerful nation,” Vosloo says while adding, “Our schools should focus more on providing good quality education and laying a solid foundation especially for mathematics and science. There is a need for students to learn the ability to write. Many of our economists and accounting graduates are highly qualified but lack the practical experience and once they gain that experience, they immediately seek employment in the private sector.”

In outlining her philosophy about the makings of a successful career in the ICT sector, Volsoo singles out self-governance as an invaluable tool.
“Do not expect something from anyone except yourself. Who you become is your own decision and your own doing. Grab every opportunity that comes along your path in life and make the most of it. Work hard to be successful at everything you do – your career, your marriage, raising your children or giving to your community. Try to create a balance in your life and most important, be happy.

Be thankful every day for what you have and what you achieved,” Vosloo explains while cautioning that although it is importance to have self-governance, it does not mean you can do everything on your own as there are people who come along in life with the role of mentoring, training and guiding you to become the professional you seek to be, in which ever sector you may find yourself working in. Vosloo further attributes her professional development to the her belief in God, the values of hard work and discipline as well as her employers who have provided a platform for her to learn from those she works with on a daily basis.

“ICT has become an integral part of our lives. People use ICT from banking to planning their daily schedules, taking photographs and keeping in touch with friends and family.  It has made our lives easier but many of our local population do not yet understand the responsibility that comes with such devices. ICT is one of the drivers of economic growth and therefore should become a priority for government to be integrated in our daily lives in education, health, the environment and all other spheres of life,” she concludes.