Passion fuels Ronel le Grange's commitment to ICT growth

By Penda Jonas Hashoongo
July 2016
Women in Business

With over 25-years of experience in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector, Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia’s (CRAN) Head of Electronic Communications, Ronel de Grange, has given credence to the notion that those who do what they are most passionate about are most likely to be successful in their work.
Having worked for all the major players in the telecommunications industry such as MTC, Cell One [Now TN Mobile] and Paratus Telecom, le Grange is one of the few unsung heroines who have played, and continue to play, a meaningful role in the advancement of the ICT sector over the last two and a half decades. Her tireless efforts have led her to her current position at CRAN, where she is responsible  for all functions relating to licensing of telecommunications and broadcasting operators, spectrum management, quality of service, infrastructure sharing, numbering management, type approval and the internal IT infrastructure, while also representing CRAN on national, regional and international level in these areas.

Despite the technical nature of most jobs in the ICT sector, le Grange tells Prime Focus Magazine that opportunities do exist for women, in equal measure to their male counterparts, and that this should not act as a deterrent to those wanting to pursue a fruitful career in the ICT sector, similar to the one she has shaped for herself.

“There is no limitation for women to grow professionally provided she continues her own personal growth and increases her knowledge and expertise on a continuous basis whilst performing constantly, meeting targets and goals,” le Grange says, while adding, “Most women are reluctant to enter technical fields although they have access to the same opportunities as their male counterparts, however, an emerging trend can be seen in women moving into application and software development.”

While attributing her ability to carry out her duties at CRAN seamlessly to the strong team she has around her, she also outlines the importance that her passion as a mainstay in her pursuit for professional excellence.
“I have a strong team of professionals supporting me selected for their attitude and dedication to their careers whilst reporting to executives that maintains a forward looking vision for Namibia. A passion for the ICT industry and future growth of Namibia helps me to maintain momentum within a fast changing ICT environment and perform to the best of my abilities.”
In commenting on leadership, le Grange interprets it as something that people are born with rather than something they can learn or buy.
“Leadership is an inherent quality and can be evident in all walks of life from the youngster inspiring confidence in his team mates to win a sports game to the executive leading strategic decisions. It is not linked to academic qualification, money or status. A true leader adapt to the situation as presented with its opportunities and challenges to provide a clear path of action for the rest of the team based on his own ethics,” le Grange concludes, while also advising young women who are interested in emulating her success to stay true to themselves and to seize all the opportunities that come their way without compromising the goal of professional excellence.