Eberwein Hotel: An emblem of Swakopmund

By Penda Jonas Hashoongo
August 2016
Prime Business

Situated in the centre of the coastal town of Swakopmund, Eberwein Hotel, offers a luxurious experience so advanced that guests making this establishment their holiday home could easily be forgiven for mistaking their surroundings with a German palace adorned with ornaments fit for royalty.

With Swakopmund being arguably the tourism capital of Namibia, holidaymakers will be hard-pressed to find the type of quality service and hospitality offered by Eberwein Hotel anywhere in the country.

Guests are welcomed into the establishment by a warm reception area manned by a cheerful Naomi, who swiftly handles the formalities before handing over the room keys to the guests and wishing them a pleasant stay.

The rooms, seventeen offered in total, are adorned with décor that would be well-placed in the Victorian era, while still retaining an authentic German appeal. The rooms are decorated with meticulous attention to detail as evidenced by the seamless layout of the room, from the nightstands all the way to the where the TV remote is found.

In terms of entertainment, the rooms have television sets in each room, while also offering high speed internet that enables guests from beyond the borders of Namibia to narrate their touristic adventures to their loved ones back home through conventional social mediums such as skype and Facebook. The television sets, alas, are more compatible with guests who speak or understand the German language as the channels available are mostly German.

The beds are fitted with arguably the most luxurious comfort known to mankind, while the bedsheets offer unparalleled comfort and warmth. The underfloor heating also proves to be an effective adversary for the perennially cold temperatures prevalent in the coastal town. The presence of traditional Schnapps in each room, meanwhile, completes the genuine German appeal, particularly for those guests who do not shy away from a well-deserved nightcap.

The bathrooms are wreathed in the angelic beauty of white; a feature that extends even to the towels which do not only offer an incomparable texture, but also carry the hotel’s brand so as to signify the type of quality that can be associated with the establishment.

Eberwein Hotel also offers a downstairs lounge that is comprised of dual-patterned couches that appear perfectly matched with the Victorian era design that is prevalent through-out the establishment. While its central location may bring guests back to the realization that they are actually in an urban setting, rather than somewhere in the remote areas of Southern Germany, it still provides the atmosphere comparable only to a palace, much like the Kaiserpfalz Goslar; a place now renowed for its touristic appeal rather than its hospitality.

Hotel Eberwein;s breakfast offering is consistent with the high quality service that can be derived from the features that were previously described by this article. Although still emblazoned by the very German cultural dynamic, it offers guests the opportunity to peer out into the streets of Swakopmund while enjoying their first meal of the day. The wide range of foods on offer is as diverse as it is appetizing.

Hotel Eberwein, despite its lack of a consierge, is beyond measure one of the finest hospitality establishments that the coastal town of Swakopmund has to offer and locals looking for a unique, yet extraordinary, experience should look no further than this establishment to fulfill their needs. On the hand, international guests traveling to the coastal town, particularly those from Germany or other Eurocentric nations, will toil to find accomodation that is as complimentary to their cultural inclinations, albeit in a different currently, as those found at Eberwein Hotel.