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September 2016
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During the same 90’s he served and participated in numerous organizations e.g. NNFU, Nyae Nyae Development Foundation, Development Bank of Namibia(DFN),  !Nara Training Centre, Shack Dwellers Federation (SDFN/NHAG), Medicos Del Mundo, etc. including National Cooperative Advisory Board, International Cooperative Advisory Board, where he provided quality and undivided leadership and service.
In 1995, I graduated in International Community Economic Development (Msc. ICED) from the Southern New Hampshire University (USA); in 2004, he completed Diploma course in Business Development Services with the International Labor Organization’s (ILO’s) Training Centre at Turin in Italy; in 1991, he Certificate in Social Work with School of Social Work and University of Zimbabwe.

Since 2015, he is doing research on Wellness Programs leading towards Master of Science Degree (MSc) with the International University of Management (IUM).  

Anna Hamutenya Deputy Mayor

Anna Hamutenya is the Deputy Mayor of the Henties Bay Municipality. She has been with the municipality 2003 representing the Democratic Turnahlle Alliance (DTA).

She was born in Karibib on 27- January 1968 has  been a resident of Henties Bay since 1984 to date Her  political career started in 1984 when she  joined Swapo Party in 1984.  

Since 1984, she has been a community activists fighting for the right of my communities and has been instrumental in the implementation, construction and materialization of various project inter alia such as the Kamwandi Primary School (today Kamawandi Combined School) , with late comrade Lena  Helya , Herman Kamwandi  who was a community teacher.  

As a member of the community, and a long term resident of Henties Bay, she has worked on projects such as Centralized Built Together Programme, the establishment and construction of the clinic the facilitation for Omdel to have electricity and the construction of the 204 Low cost houses. The community activist whom we worked with was late Daniel Ndume, cde Paulus Imbamba, cde late meme Imbamba and many Swapo members of Henties Bay and Arandis.

She was also the brain behind the negotiation with UDF and Swapo.

 As a member of the Management Committee during 2012/2013, she nominated and recommended for the Appointment of the Acting Chief