By Kelvin Chiringa
September 2016
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Firebrand SWAPO politician Kazenambo Kazenambo exclusively speaks to Prime Focus this month, lamenting the ongoing negotiations on the Nama and Ovaherero genocide as unlikely to bear any fruit since there tribal divisions that are sidelining the two tribes.
In a no-holds-barred interview with this publication, the charismatic and fiery politician blames the country’s leadership for generalizing the genocide with the intent of disregarding German crimes as not having been pin-pointedly committed against the Nama and the Ovaherero.
“We are not saying that the Namibians in general did not suffer colossal effects of the war, but we are saying that extermination orders were issued against the Nama and Ovaherero. If there are others, produce them. If you are generalizing it then the Namibian government is an accomplice of the Germans and they are committing a new genocide,” says Kazenambo.
Kazenambo underscores that the abject failure to recognize the Nama and Ovaherero as sole victims of the holocaust directly translates to government as ignorantly contravening the United Nations Convention on Genocide which makes it guilty.
“Based on the U.N Convention, they are guilty of genocide. Maybe they are not aware. Maybe they are so ignorant that they are not aware of it, by generalizing the holocaust, they are denying the Nama and the Ovaherero as sole victims. They must go and read the convention and understand it, there was no other Namibian am saying it! They must produce the evidence,” fumes Kazenambo.
Kazenambo unceremoniously rubbishes the ongoing efforts between the Namibian government and Berlin to come to a resolve on this outstanding matter, pointing out that the leadership is playing second fiddle to the Germans and not standing ground for the national interests of Namibians.
“What we are doing at the moment is that we are playing in the hands of the Germans. In fact, I am sure wherever they are, they are laughing at us and celebrating, because the Namibian government is denying that there was a genocide. They are lying that the genocide included other tribes. It’s a lie!” he lashes out.
He submits that the political leadership is trying hard to appear being politically correct in the face of resolving the current bone of contention.
“Those that are tribal by nature and deeds are the same hypocrites trying hard to be politically correct. When others are talking about their grievances, they are quick to lump them as tribalist but they are the rotten tribalists who are denying genocide by generalizing it. It’s annoying, it’s radicalizing us and it’s dividing us and we will be divid