By Rosalia David and Kelvin Chiringa
December 2016 & January 2017
Prime Business

Wessie van der Westhuizen: NBL Managing Director
Westhuizen has taken NBL from strength to strength with the latest financial reports indicating profit after tax having amassed an increment of 43.8%, while the operating profit also rose by 6.7% and an 8% increase on dividends per ordinary share was also recorded. His team produced great results this year in the background of a tight financial year coupled with a crippling drought that brought about a terrible water shortage. In line with NBL’s vision of being ‘the most progressive and inspiring company’, and commitment to ‘creating amazing experiences’, Westhuizen’s team has this year introduced Tafel Lite which  is lower in total energy with 27% less carbs than its mother brand, Tafel Lager.

Otto Shikongo: Debmarine CEO
Debmarine has recently acquired a 2.3billion diamond mining exploration vessel, SS Nujoma which arrived from Norway. The construction was completed in Norway this year and arrived in Namibia by November 2016.

Saryl van Zyl:  FNB CEO
FNB has made a profit reaching N$597 million for six months (2014: N$495.6 million), while earnings per share increased by 21 percent to 226.5 cents (2014: 187.2 cents). Return on average equity improved to 35.4 percent (2014: 35.0 percent) and return on average assets increased to 3.9 percent (2014: 3.7 percent), while cost-to-income ratio was a very efficient 42.4 percent. Non-interest income increased by 15.6 percent to N$744.2 million (2014: N$643.9 million)

David Nujoma: GIPF CEO
GIPF pledged to invest 2.6billion, their housing scheme has continued to thrive with more than 1,310 people having benefited from its housing loan scheme launched in 2014.   

Martin Inkumbi: DBN CEO
DBN has managed to consolidate their contribution to the economy by financing bigger projects. They have cut reliance on government bail outs and continue to reward genuine entrepreneurs by rewarding emerging entrepreneurs.