Worst Performing Executives of 2016

By Rosalia David and Kelvin Chiringa
December 2016 & January 2017
Prime Business

Roberta da Costa: Team Namibia CEO
Despite her loud sounding promises at the time she rose to the helm of Team Namibia, no significant change has taken place in terms of acquiring shelf space for Namibian products. Green products continue to face stiff competition from foreign ones. Lots of people are still finding it expensive to have their products standardised due to monetary constrains while a lot of lead firms continue to shun away proudly Namibian products.

Hippy Tjivikua: TransNamib CEO
It is no news that TransNamib has been struggling for the past few years trying to generate funds to sustain the company’s operations, but following the recent threats of strike action over salary disputes at TransNamib it proves that newly appointed Chief Executive Officer Hippy Tjivikua has not done much to transform the company.
Mandy Samson Acting Managing Director for Air Namibia
In 2015, Air Namibia appointed an acting Managing Director Mandy Samson. Ever since she has been appointed not much of her work have been heard either except the new routes Air Namibia managed to get under her leadership. Air Namibia’s competitiveness against the newly introduced airlines like Qatar Airways and KLM is very questionable.

Festus Mbandeka: CRAN CEO
The Communication Regulatory Authority of Namibia under the leadership of the new Chief Executive Officer’s Festus Mbandeka continues to struggle to open up opportunities for new players while it continues to drag feet in awarding a license for Kunene Radio. CRAN has been blamed by the ICT ministry for the failure to have what Tjekero Tweya called, “a spirit of transformation.” The concept of infra structure sharing has long been talked about but nothing that significant has been done in that regard.

Alex Shimuafeni: Statistician General NSA
The statistician general has been under fire from analysts for giving out wrong statistics which threw him on the defensive.  
The NSA for the first time under Shimuafeni, has been blamed for using the wrong deflator and as a result allegedly released inaccurate figures.