Fashion industry develops

By Rosalia David
December 2016 & January 2017
Prime Business

Namibia’s fashion trends have very much developed over the years, with radio and television personalities back to back with fashionistas and socialites redefining what it means to be draped in colour with a flare of class.

One of the biggest highlights for the year 2016 in the fashion industry is the Windhoek fashion week hosted recently that saw many Namibian designers putting pieces together to create a glamourous outfit to showcase.

Not only did the fashion show path way for designing exposure but also managed to prove that Namibians are also able to produce clothes that meets international standard.
Surely by the next five years designers would be able to reap the fruits from the fashion industry.

For many years designing has not really been recognised in Namibia, previously one would still see socialites and celebrating flushing out money for an expensive dress or suit from other foreign countries for a specific event but today many are seen consulting  local boutiques and designers for an outfit.

Nonetheless, there are so many different kinds of trends out there but fashion trends probably the largest trends being tracked.

Although fashion trends are defined as a change of clothing style many still find it just fine to follow the same style from the ancient times.

Currently, the most followed fashion trends are crop tops, colour blocking outfits or African prints and fashionista’s are everywhere, infect, clothes have become a necessity that even becomes challenging to keep up with current trends.
Back to the fashion show of the year ‘Windhoek fashion show’ Namibian designers got the opportunity to show their talents and compete against established designers from different part of the continent.

The fashion week definitely left a mark and it will never leave the hearts and the eyes of those who attended.
The event made such a splash while many thought it would not happen and Namibia will not flourish in the fashion industry given the amount of time put together.

Not only did the audience love the garments presented by the amazing upcoming Namibian designers from South Africa, Angola and Zimbabwe also graced the runaway.
The Namibian designers definitely stood their ground when it came to the quality of their designs and they also pulled out all the stops with regards to getting their looks together, using a variety of model sizes and putting on a real show.
Perhaps what’s lacking in the fashion industry is the lack of opportunities given to designers to showcase and sell their innovative ideas.

One would actually agree that designers like Ingo Shanyenge, Mellisa Poulton, and Reinhard Mahari really work hard to get their name and brand out there because of the small targeted market in Namibia.
We have also seen fashion designer Sean Renaldo Cloete from Rehoboth blowing up storm in the industry by making international waves, having made it to London in the United Kingdom during a London Fashion week recently.

He further had various fashion shows and workshops with local and international designers like Sathal form France at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre.

Investing in the fashion and entertainment industry is regarded as a last priority in Namibia therefore funds remain one of the main contributing factors of a slow growing fashion industry.

Perhaps what could also decrease the amount of people roaming around the streets without a job is through creating innovative youth development projects and look at what the youth really need to develop themselves and become entrepreneurs.

Last year, College of the Arts celebrated the 10th anniversary of the first fashion designing graduates bringing together designers skills, knowledge, experienced and achievements.