THE year is fast coming to a close and Prime Focus is excited that our journey to transform into a modern product of choice has really been met with much appreciation.

Our aim at the beginning of this year was to publish and profile a fair, balanced and engaging world class development magazine, while our overall vision was to be any executive’s choice, credible and profitable business news and profile provider in Namibia.

In an environment where several magazines have come onto the shelves and disappeared without a trace, it was our readers’ kudos that kept the momentum in our expansion drive.

When we turned two last month, our readers liked our freedom of expression and neutrality. Objectivity and balanced content have been our distinct advantage over what remains of our competitors. By turning two, we have fulfilled readers’ expectations with a magazine that is neutral, accurate and relevant at all times.

Of course, our traditional advertisers have played a major role while those who were not happy with our rates realised that it was worth the coverage and the quality they got.

At two, you can see for yourself the way the magazine is laid out. The Midas touch of professionalism is still key to us as it is key to the crop of business leaders, aspiring business people, and captains of industries as well as decision makers whom we profile and follow us.

Prime Focus is an independent Namibian magazine committed to informing and engaging families on business matters, culture and development across the whole social spectrum.

It offers a platform for airing diverse developmental issues and opinions that encourage tolerance among a people emerging out of socio-economic hardships; and a people who yearn for total economic freedom.
Above all, Prime Focus showcases how different people from diverse social background cope with the day-to-day demands and challenges they face while trying ‘to make ends meet’.

Over the past months, we have transformed considerably some of our sections. The On The Move section, celebrates who is who and who is going where on the corporate ladder. Our Profile section, focusing mainly on extraordinary people’s lives, their operations and how they rose to be where they are, still defines our core values.

We have not also forgotten development and positivity which are pillars around which our gravitas is built.

We introduced Prime Business, which addresses what is happening in our industry, commerce, finance and other sectors that drive the economy.

During our second year of unhindered publishing, we have given fresh insight into heady issues such as unemployment, indigenisation, small informal businesses run by ordinary people and investment promotion among many issues.

We now have a Lifestyle section which is second to none. The same applies to our Culture section, that includes arts, music and any other forms of entertainment.

Of late, an Eating Out page, celebrating the best spots to enjoy Namibian food, has also been introduced and also, this hit, the Travel and Tourism section meant to increase local travel and leisure activity among our people.

At the end of the day, Prime Focus should be able to give the reader relief and pleasure through an engaging writing style which invigorates and motivates, not only the story-teller but also the reader.

It is pleasing to note that some of the story ideas have come not from our newsroom but from you our readers as well. No doubt we have become a vital cog on the wheels leading us to Vision 2030.

Join us as we prepare for 2011 and be part of the family, be it through subscribing or advertising.

A Happy Festive Season to you all!