NamPol comes of age in 2010

By By Insp. Kauna Shikwambi
December2010/January 2011
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THE year 2010 was exceptional for the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) as it became one of the oldest institutions in this young democracy, by celebrating 20 years of existence.

The police, has not only remarkably executed its mandate, but has also gone an extra mile to engage in activities that are beneficial to the social development of the people, hence this year’s jubilee theme: ‘Let us join hands in the fight against crime as we celebrate 20 years of successful policing.’

Ironically, the best event of the police this year was so important to the extent that the National Police Day was celebrated earlier than usual due to the Regional Council and Local Authority Elections that saw the celebrations being moved ahead to the 20th and the 22nd of November, instead of the traditional date of the 26th of November.

The official celebrations of the Namibia Police Force’s 20th anniversary on the 22nd of November, was by far the highlight of the servicemen’s year, graced by the President and Commander in Chief of the Defence Force Hifikepunye Pohamba at the Israel Patrick Iyambo Police College, IPIPC.

Police Chiefs came from all over the Southern African Development Community (SADC)

region, from Angola, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, just to name but a few, to commemorate this important day in the history of the Namibian Police Force.

A Memorial Parade remembered to pay homage to all the officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty maintaining law and order in the country.

The President unveiled names of officers who died after the last commemoration of the Police Day; thereafter he laid a wreath on the memorial site.

Dignitaries’ who laid wreaths on the site include; the Founding Father of the Nation, Dr Sam Nujoma, Prime Minister Nahas Angula, Speaker of the National Assembly Theo-Ben Gurirab, Richard Kamwi, the Minister of Health and Social Services, Nangolo Mbumba Minister of Safety and Security, the Chief Justice Peter Shivute and Asser Kapere the Chairman of the National Council.

Deputy Commissioner Shikongo, the Commandant of the Israel Patrick Iyambo Police College (IPIPC) led a Ceremonial Parade comprising six companies with 657 members and 29 Officers, parading in different uniforms of the Force.

The Commander in Chief of the Defense Force the inspected the parade and thereafter, awarded medals to deserving officers.

The categories were, the Decoration for Outstanding Meritorious Service (OMS) of the highest order given to Lieutenant-General Ndeitunga, Honourable Discharge Medals given to the three former Inspectors-General, Commendation Medals awarded to 12 Commissioned Officers, Campaign Medals given to four officers and one Wound Medal, any of these being the highest dream of any police officer.

In his keynote address, the President urged members of the force to recommit and rededicate themselves to principles of the rule of law and order.

He emphasised the force’s need to renew their commitment to hard work and accountability for the safety and security of the Namibian people.

Pohamba further assured that, “the government is doing its utmost best to ensure that the police conditions of service are improved; that the force is properly equipped in order to carry out its duties and to create conducive environment for the professional growth of all police officers at all levels.

The day further had various wonderful entertainment activities lined up by the Police prestige squad, martial arts, aerobics, aerial display and a drama by the College of the Arts.

The aerial display out manoeuvred others particularly when the two police helicopters came out in full force to convey an air borne salute to the President and Commander in Chief of the Defence Force.

Said the Inspector General in his closing remarks, ”the President’s presence, reaffirms the importance that the government bestows upon the Namibian Police Force in maintaining its Constitutional mandate of policing, safety and security for all people in the country.”

Police officers marched through the streets all over Windhoek with processions from Independence Avenue, Katutura to Angola House in Auspannplatz and the rest of the Central Business District of the capital.

Members from other Regions, Directorates and Divisions within the Force participated and demonstrated their skills and paraphernalia.

Members of the diving team, horse riders, dog unit, anti-terrorism unit, air wing and different uniform personnel joined the newly Police graduates in the march which showed how mature the police force has become, twenty years on.

The spectators were indeed thrilled and impressed by the colourful event through which the Namibian Police Force once again had an opportunity to showcase its rich culture of uniformity to the general public.

Subsequent to the street procession, friendly sport games were held at Israel Patrick Iyambo Police College in Olympia.

Men and female volleyball trophies were contested for between Namibian Police (NamPol) and Namibian Defence Force (NDF) and as expected the Namibian Police Force won both trophies.

A soccer match between police senior commissioned officers took place where the Inspector General Lt. Gen. Sebastian Haitota Ndeitunga’s self-appointed team IG X1 matched the Regional Commander’s team led by Commissioner Samuel //Hoebeb, the Police Regional Commander of the Khomas region.

In addition, to their exemplary performance at home, the Namibian Police Force has distinguished itself through the services it has carried out around the world, hence there was every reason to celebrate and hence the day will linger longer in the minds of most officers alive today.

Having started from scratch, through the merging of services and individuals from different background, twenty years down the road, it is evident that the police is a fully fledged professional force, an achievement Namibians should be proud of, as 2011 beckons.

As 2011 beckons, every Namibian should therefore be duty-bound to ensure that the police force continues this trend of professionalizing itself because it is in the interest of every citizen at the end of the day.

Namibians should also participate massively in initiatives like community policing to ensure that the force goes beyond its original core mission of ensuring safety and continue to provide socially beneficial services on which they have embarked. PF