NIP @ 10

December2010/January 2011
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The Namibia Institute of Pathology (NIP) was established as a state-owned commercial entity in August 2000 and started operations in December 2000 with the objective to provide medical laboratory services to all health facilities in Namibia and beyond.

The company celebrated its tenth year anniversary in December of 2010, and there was a lot to celebrate.

Having started off with 23 laboratories at inception country-wide, which were taken over from the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) under severe human resource, infrastructural, technological and financial constraints, the company has expanded its service in terms of geographical coverage as well as test repertoire available at its now 37 laboratories.

It has a staff complement of more than 300 country-wide.

The growing challenges that are brought about by diseases such as HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria has resulted in significant increase in the use of NIP laboratories by the health facilities over the years. For this reason, technical services have been organized in a way that supports professionally managed and well equipped laboratories, further facilitated by a state of the art laboratory information system.


Medical laboratories are an important component and integral part of the application of good health services and health planning. The medical laboratories of the NIP therefore play an important role to:
Increase the accuracy and assist in disease diagnosis and treatment of the individual patient.
Assist in screening of the population for health problems and assessing their response to treatment.
Contribute to rapid investigation, identification of epidemics and diagnosis of communicable diseases.
Contribute to achieve efficiency and cost effectiveness to reduce expenditure in treatment of diseases.
• Provide opportunities to develop a cadre of properly trained and educated technical personnel that are essential to deliver a quality laboratory service.

One of the latest areas of focus is the establishment of the molecular diagnostic section that now operates a comprehensive diagnostic service based on the poly-merase chain reaction (PCR) technique.

NIP has four area offices, situated in Rundu, Oshakati, Otjiwarongo and Windhoek respectively.

These offices are headed by area managers who are all experienced medical technologists.

Each laboratory is headed by either a medical technologist or a senior medical technician (in the case of small laboratories).