By By Shasimana Uugulu
February 2011
Eating Out
GENERAL first impressions of the name Joe’s Beer House would be that it’s a mineral waterhole yet the name does not tell you much about some of the international delicacies found inside this beer house.

Located in Eros, Joe’s Beer House is normally bustling with locals and tourists especially during Fridays and Saturdays trying out amazing dishes on offer.

The inside is adorned with African calabashes, skulls of oryx, warthogs and kudu which give the place an illuminating African wilderness combined with glittering lighting and used Jagermeister bottle collections.

The old bottles are purposely left to gather dust while the wooden tables and chairs are kept neat and clean to bring about an astounding contrast of an African setting with a western mix.

One can always pick a pen and write his or her name on one of the bottles or read to see if they can find a name of a person they are acquainted with, who has been inside this amazing eatery

I could not help but also write my name on one of the old bottles. They say you might even find the same bottle with your name at the same spot even after 10 years.

Upon entering Joe’s Beer House, a pleasant aroma of food greets you in a way that is tantalising and mouth-watering as if to prepare you for the delicacies waiting inside. This aroma gets stronger as one sits and glances at the menu list.

Rump Steak, Rib eye and Fillet Steak Combo topped with onions and mushrooms which are then served with chips or salads comprise the menu list which also includes other delicacies such as Pork Schnitzel with Mushroom Sauce, pan-fried Potatoes and Salad, Devil’s Spare ribs, Mixed meat platter and Pork Knuckle also known as “Eisbein” to mention but a few.

Joe’s Beer House’s popularity draws people from diverse backgrounds thereby making eating out at this restaurant truly an experience that gives a unique feel, one that resembles a coming together of a family or friends’ reunion.

The thatched roofs give the restaurant an African setting with the wooden chairs and tables complimenting it. It gives customers a completely new environment right in the heart of Windhoek that has an extra reason to why eating out could be an unforgettable experience.

There are elegantly designed old illuminating lamps on tables that accommodate between four and 20 people.

The food is as enthralling as the place itself. It will make you want to become a frequent visitor given its taste and mouth-watering appeal.

There is a wide range of dishes, which are possibly among the best cooked in Windhoek.

A friend in my company went for something crispy, Pork Knuckle “Eisbein” which comes cooked or crispy, with Saurkraut, a roll and mustard, the only other person who went for a different choice ate Beef Fillet also known as “Madagascar” sauce.

Madagascar is offered with pepper and bamboo shoot sauce, potato wedges and salad.

I ordered a Double Mixed Meat Platter, a variety of Pork Roasts from the grill served with salad and a roll with an amazing taste.

It was a corporate end of year dinner, you can imagine the amount of boozing, and a certain amount of schmoozing as my supervisor insisted that we should drink to our hearts’ desire, not to worry about the bill.

You can metaphorically eat your way around the world at Joe’s Beer House in an atmosphere filled with joyous mood coming from interacting with people of different backgrounds, whites, coloured, blacks, Indian, Asian and a host of local tribes.

For our group of ten, we failed to eat beyond N$2000 although everything was at our mercy; the money, the food and fun.

If you haven’t experienced Joe’s Beer House, it is not in the name, it’s in the dish. You will salivate! PF