PRESERVING the environment is top priority for the next generation by all means and all self respecting persons must play their bit to limit the devastating effect of gas emission.

The new Mercedes-Benz E300 has something for both worlds. You do not lose out on speed while being environmental friendly says Claudia Strazacher-Denis, a sales executive at M+Z Namibia.

The new E300 is among one of the latest offerings of the Mercedes-Benz E series sedan range. It pays homage to the Germany motor mobile technology mastery as it boasts of state of the art technological gargets.

This model has over 70 sensors whose main purpose is to ensure your well being. In addition, among the brand’s outstanding latest safety technologies there is the standard equipment that includes Attention Assist, which analyses the driver’s behaviour and advises of the need to take break if there are any signs of drowsiness. This superb top or of the range car also comprises of 8 airbags and a knee bag for the driver, as well as the Active Bonnet for improved pedestrian protection.

This Merc offers you speed, comfort, status, class and position while preserving the climate. All the Mercedes-Benz E-class models promise lower fuel consumption and emissions and E300 is no exception.

Stazacher-Dennis, who has massive experience in the motor industry, emphasises that “our cars are made Blue Efficiency, which means that there are environmental friendly”.

The Blue Efficiency vehicles help conserves natural resources, reducing the impact on the environment.

She adds that Mercedes-Benz has something for both worlds, you don’t lose out on speed and you don’t harm the environment. This makes the latest E300 the car of the moment for young executives who want to take charge of the next generation and are conscious of the need of speed.

The ultimate E300 has acres of passenger space, unquestionable smooth ride of a luxury car and precise handing of a sport car. This E-Class has visual highlights of the standard-equipment version include LED tail lights and eucalyptus wood trim elements.

In addition it has Bi-xenon headlamps which provide maximum visibility when driving at night or in fogy areas. It also comes with full-sized spare wheel such that doesn’t have to drive on a small type. A sporty look is added by the 17-inch wheels with manufacturer designed mega rims.

“The E300 is a stylish car because it speaks the status and position of the person driving the car” says Stazacher-Dennis.

There are numerous astonishing safety features which are able to make an active contribution to avoid hazardous situations which a customer can request as options at a reasonable additional cost.

Other features include the Adaptive High beam Assist, Automatic High-beam control and adjustment which prevent oncoming traffic from being dazzled; Distronic Plus radar-based proximity control: maintains a set distance to the front as well as the go-and-stop functions and pre-safe and brakes for automatic braking to reduce proximity to an obstacle/ to reduce accident severity.

There is also blind sport assist and radar sensors used to detect the presence of other vehicles in the blind spot; Lane Keeping Assist which warns the driver through vibration of the steering wheel if the vehicle strays from its lane unintentionally. Lastly, there is Night view assist plus that provides a clear image of the road situation and with oncoming traffic.

M+Z Motors’ clients can choose from a wide range of exciting metallic and non-metallic paints that go hand in hand with interior upholstery of own preference at no additional cost. The placed order normally takes a month to process.

The Mercedes-Benz E-class comes with different engine capacity best designed to suit personal needs. The new E-model has a 4-cylinder diesel segment, 4th generation common-rail technology that contributes to responsible mobility. The technology leader with a 6 cylinders is the E350 Blue Tec, with emissions below the strict limit set by the Euro 6. This makes it the cleanest diesel engine in its segment.

In addition, there are 4-cylinder petrol engines which are more efficient through direct injection and turbo charging. This E300 is a 6-cylinder 3-litre Blue Tec engine sheer massive power at your disposal. It has an automatic/ tiptronic gear box. This means the car has both manual and automatic gear box and the driver has options.

“The technology in the new engines provides for lower fuel consumption without compromising on performance,” maintains Eckart Mayer, M+Z’s merc Divisional Manager.

“With the C-Class, E-Class models maintaining their number one position in their respective segments, we see impressive growth rate with these models. The E-Class, with a total sales of 3 030 units. It had its best year since 1997 when it sold 3 110 units,” adds Mayer.

These stats echo the sentiments that this new E300 is a cut above the rest and a sound investment for 2011. It also comes with a maintenance plan at M+Z Motors of six years or 120 000 kilometres and a factory warrant of two years or unlimited kilometres. The car is a dream to drive. PF