Revving up the revolution

By By Confidence Musariri
April 2011
Editors Note
Interestingly, exactly a month after Namibia turned 21, this edition of Prime Focus is pregnant with stories and profiles symbolic of young Namibians revving up the economic revolution.

You will certainly find it refreshing to discover how young men and women of this generation are committing themselves to be part of the economic freedom of Namibia.

It is my argument that as much as we shall never forget the heroes of the political revolution, a new crop of heroes is emerging in Namibia and these must be recognised.

From our cover story to the Women in Business section, this month’s Prime Focus is not ony about corporate Namibia and its main actors but highlights the coming of age of youthful players in corporate Namibia.

Furthermore, there is a new face in Prime Focus. Pertus Angula Mbenzi, a University of Namibia lecturer is the new columnist on our pages, taking the torch from Bishop Shekutamba V.V. Nambala whose recent consecration and promotion in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (Elcin) church has left him with limited time.

For the past three years, Dr. Nambala’s ‘History’ column never skipped a month and emails to the editor’s inbox proved how popular and informative, the column had become.

Nambala is now the overall Presiding Bishop of Elcin.

We, at Prime Focus, would want to congratulate Dr. Nambala for becoming a Bishop in Namibia’s biggest church. We are proud that among us, a leader has been chosen. We will continue to support you all the way in all your endeavours.

Personally, having first met Bishop Nambala during an interview some 28months ago and then continued to talk and consult him, I regard him as, a gentle Christian man.

It is my hope that our new columnists, Mbenzi will attract a huge following on culture and tradition matters.

In addition, Prime Focus will from now onwards welcome ‘guest columnists’ to contribute periodically on topics of national development, politics and current affairs. This is in response to the numerous enquiries made by our ardent readers.

It is part of Prime Focus’ policy to come up with something fresh, exciting and new with every edition and here’s hoping that advertisers will take up these opportunities to market their products.

A few more other sections of the magazine are in the offing.

The magazine would like to thank all those who participated in last month’s Independence Supplement, an edition which coincided with Prime Focus’ hosting of the post-budget review lunch.

For the second successive year, Prime Focus in partnership with the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) hosted a successful post-budget review luncheon attended by the Minister of Finance, members of parliament, captains of the industry and several economists, who all participated to the best of their abilities.

We believe this mileage will not only go to our advertisers but to other partners in economic development. Next year, expect a much bigger Prime Focus Post Budget Review luncheon. Much bigger.

But for now, enjoy the reading, right through the Easter Holidays.