New Age

THE Namibia Mining Expo 2011 takes place later this May in Windhoek and as part of our policy to be a development partner towards Vision 2030, Prime Focus has this month created a ‘Mining’ section for institutions in that industry to come on board and make use of this mouthpiece.

In this month’s ‘Cover Story’, Werner Weber brings his expertise to Standard Bank Namibia’s Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) division. It is fascinating to note that Namibia has a great number of unsung heroes making the professional grade across the world, as Weber’s journey says it all.

From last cover month’s cover issue where we had MTC Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer Tim Ekandjo, in this edition, Prime Focus continues to put in focus, not only young but local people who are making strategic decisions and driving the economy.

More and more Namibians, both at home and in the Diaspora are landing unique strategic positions in different economic and power centres.

Practically, this means transferring money, ideas, information, knowledge, skills and knowhow with patriotic conviction.

The fact is that there is now a growing realisation that Namibia’s destiny is decided by Namibians and the younger generation are getting the responsibility to do something for the country. They also feel that they are now in a strategic position to facilitate the process of transitional activities, networks and act as development bridge builders between the older generation and the future.

For instance, Weber notes that Standard Bank Namibia is now on a localisation drive, where already, in his CIB division, despite the massive scarcity of professionals in that regard, is now entirely Namibian.

Having more Namibians in keys areas on merit, might help in locating the needle to this haystack of unemployment.

Such strategic position, as noted in Ekandjo’s article last month and in Weber’s sentiments this month, is enabling them to channel information, innovative ideas, intellectual capacities, new technological skills, smart and innovative business and trade practises, peacemaking tools and techniques into the country. It’s a new age.

Martin Inkumbi also, another young professional in a strategic position, discusses his new powers as head of lending at the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) in this edition. Although he stops short of pouring cold water on any great expectations, on our ‘On the Move’ section, Inkumbi gives valuable lectures to any aspiring entrepreneurs.

Many times Prime Focus has highlighted the tough business environment of SMEs who cannot acquire loans from banks because of lack of security and because of limited financial backing. The creation of new products by the DBN to finance SMEs through less rigorous requirements is therefore commendable.

However, it does not stop there for both sides. There is need for entrepreneurs to create fresh avenues for businesses to be financially viable and the DBN must be at the forefront of teaching SMEs which type of ventures they can look into to avoid business duplication.

As always, happy reading. PF