A7 rolls on

THE refurbished Audi Windhoek Centre was inaugurated in style last month with the launch of the latest gashing, slamming, exclusively fascinating and pure innovative ingenuity, Audi A7 Sportback.

The N$8,5m centre was officially opened by Prime Minister Nahas Angula during a ceremony attended by Audi representatives from Germany and South Africa.

Although the refurbished Audi Windhoek Centre is a state of the art facility, the Audi A7 that was parked in the background drew lots of attention from the hundred plus delegates who attended the inauguration.

The new facility now has 7700sqm from 3300sqm that M + Z once occupied on the facility.

The Audi A7 is an all-round star, capable of wafting and wading in equal measure. It appeals to those who crave for attention and luxury and have a taste of beauty and status.

It has an imposing appearance to die for.
The designers of this unbelievable beast showed no mercy to the competitors as the body of the A7 is much crafted to bullet through and force of gravity.

With its two engines available for the market the A SB 3.0T FSI and the A7 3.0 SB TDI both Quattro S Tronic gear box with a massive power ranging between 220 kw and 180 kw respectively. These fascinating engines comes turbo charged, 6 cylinders Quattro.

With an acceleration of 6.5km and top speed of 250km/ hr, the A7 is by far a modern vehicle that caters for hype of urban driving and the tranquillity of country driving.

The sheer power of this animal is incredible no match for any vehicle in its range such as the BMW Gran Turismo 530d.

Quattro is a permanent feature associated with the Audi range which enables the vehicle to use the four wheel drive with self locking crown gear.

The best part of this fitment system is that it allows the drive force to be distributed individually to each wheel as the driving situation; the result is high agility and outstanding traction which make the car move stable and grounded.

The designers pimped up this ride with boot spoiler that automatically comes up when driving at high speed of above 120km/hr, but the same spoiler can be activated with a button if one wish to float it around giving the car a sportiness look.

The sole purpose of this spoiler is to give the car grounding and balance yet posing as a spoiler.

With so much power comes with responsibility. In order to ensure that the driver is not burdened by so much aggression coiled up in this massive vehicle, the designers incorporated a standard active steering assistance.

The A7 boasts of a standard active counter steering assistance function that contributes to increased stability and safety of the car. This function is very helpful when driving through a bushy area with minimum visibility. It shows which direction to drive to keep it safely on the intended course.

In addition, the cabin is a paradigm of luxury and pays attribute to the Audi ability and superiority. This new state of the art machine has taken the cabin to a higher level as it boast of the latest technology in the industry making a pleasant place.

The dash board has a small display screen that pops up when the car is switched on. The screen enables the driver to navigate and use the sound system operation as well as play back the captured images from the rear and front cameras.

The A7 comes with high resolution camera, a night-vision camera that detects pedestrians and a rear-view camera makes reversing a pleasurable exercises as one does not have to look behind when backing up.

Audi finished off with a classy touch of leather upholstery; heated front seat, driver-seat memory (optional) and keyless engine start button are standard across the board.

However, the heated rear seats and heated steering wheel is optional. There is a wide range of extras one is able choose to add on their car at a reasonable price.

The best part of the A7 is the v- shaped grill that gives the car a distinctive look associated with the Audi group. However, the grill slit provides the car with a new face by changing the design of the headlights.

Completion shut up the Audi A7 is indeed a worthy addition to the Audi range the car for the future for people who have no desire to compromise power, efficiency, status and safety.

Its rivals the in upmarket, comprises of the Mercedes Benz CLS and the BMW 5 series Gran Turismo. – Additional information from www.audi.co.za. PF