Introducing vacation timeshare

By By Francis Mukuzunga
June 2010
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TAKING a vacation for many seems like a nightmare, especially among indigenous Namibians. The idea of a perfect holiday to them is going to the coastal area (if they are lucky to get accommodation from relatives or friends) or their homelands during the festive season.

Apart from that, many people have often regarded holidaying, a luxurious experience that is only meant for a privileged few.

This despite the Namibian Tourism Board (NTB) often encouraging local people to save up for holidays and challenging the resorts to give a discount to any locals wishing to “discover Namibia”.

One of the companies that have heeded this call is Ridgeway Resorts Namibia (RRN) – a fairly new kid on the block that is encouraging people to invest in a vacation timeshare concept.

Basically, timeshare involves investing for a holiday in advance by avoiding the hassles of last minute planning and the disappointment of not getting accommodation at your chosen vacation area. Through this concept, the RRN has established a Vacation Club concept aimed at securing accommodation at popular holiday destinations for its members.

“Ridgeway Resorts Namibia (RRN) cc is a Namibian wholly owned company and established in 2008 after the owners realized the need for Namibians to utilize the huge tourist attractions and facilities available in the country. As a result Ridgeway Resorts Namibia developed tourism products that will enable Namibians and residents of Namibia to now easily afford these destinations and facilities,” says Nalisa Nalisa, the company spokesperson.

“Imagine not having the stress of months of planning and searching for the best bargains for suitable accommodations during the busiest times of the year. A Ridgeway Resorts Namibia (RRN) Vacation Club timeshare can put an end to the madness and help you discover the way vacationing should be!” Nalisa adds.

Ridgeway Resorts Namibia (RRN) Vacation Club timeshare will make it affordable to treat yourself and your family to vacations any time and every year, from the extraordinary to the exotic. Soak up the coastal towns of Namibia, immerse yourself in different cultures found at these towns or marvel at the beauty of Swakopmund from your vacation share townhouse balcony!

Currently, RRN is specialising in self catering lodges in Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Langstrand and Windhoek. The advantage with self-catering lodges, the company says, is that families can make huge savings on accommodation as they can share facilities. He further explains: “We are in the process establishing a home-away-from-home for our clients which is beautiful and palatial. RRN will focus on quality, luxurious, yet affordable self catering lodging. After all, friends or family vacation is much more enjoyable when such an atmosphere engulfs them.”

Ridgeway Resorts Namibia may seem like a new company but it is rich with a demanding culture that is backed by some of the most experienced personnel in the industry. RRN only employs mature persons with good interpersonal skills and be supportive to their clients.

“RRN is very task focused and professional, the staff are required to be friendly, enthusiastic and have a strong work ethic. The company’s working environment will stretch the employees and get them to give their best in performing their duties. It can be an intimidating environment to those with the wrong traits, but we go to a lot of trouble to recruit people with the right traits. Those who can’t work hard can’t be happy at RRN, but those who enjoy hard work will be very happy,” the RRN spokesperson further says.

Prospective members can sign-up from the company.

“By signing up for the RRN Vacation Club, members are assured of not only having a wonderful vacation, but will also save a huge amount of money. Clients can save up money in that Signing up with Ridgeway Resorts Namibia’s Vacation Club will enable you to lock in at today’s dollars and realize a dream vacation for as long as you remain a paid up member of the Ridgeway Resorts Namibia’s Vacation club,” says Nalisa.

Membership to the RRN Vacation Club provides the space and flexibility to meet the needs of any size family or group of holiday makers. The size of our holiday apartments vary from one bedroom to three bedrooms, with up to two bathrooms and can sleep up to 10 or more guests.

“Our holiday apartment units come with a fully equipped kitchen, dining area and generous living areas. Units are professionally decorated, fully furnished and come equipped with all the necessities of a home, such as towels, linens, dishes, silverware, TVs, DVD player and many more.

Our clients have found the stability, flexibility and savings gained through being a paid up member of the Ridgeway Resorts Namibia’s Vacation Club to be excellent,” he further says.
Apart from this, there are several benefits that one can get from being a member of the Vacation Club.

“Membership to the RRN Vacation Club makes good financial sense. Members are happy when they check out at the end of their vacation, because their bill is zero. The bill is zero because, as a member you pay a monthly premium which covers your accommodation bill each time you travel.”

He adds that the RRN Vacation Club will continue to cover the clients’ accommodation bills as long as they continue to pay their monthly premiums, depending on the chosen package. Nalisa says members can also choose to give their time away to family or friends as a “special gift voucher”.

Nalisa says a surprise gift of a week at a luxurious resort in any part of the country could be most appreciated by the loved ones.

“Imagine being able to tell your parents, son or daughter that ‘I have booked you for a week at a fabulous resort at the coastal town of Swakopmund. Go and enjoy, it’s on me!” PF