From humble beginnings to toasting for success

Great rewards most often come from one’s willingness to take big risks as well as from one’s ability to defy the odds.

Such was the mentalities and determination of rural bred businessmen Tuyoleni Hamata and Willie Nandi when they walked out of the comfort of their well paying jobs to pursue their dreams as aspiring businessman in the highly monopolised dog-eat-dog world of Information Technology.

The company was initially launched as a ‘briefcase’ entity - with no office - in 2007, by a group of six software developers who saw the opportunity to deliver software solutions to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as to non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

However, as a result of different priorities and varied focuses, the group disbanded and only two members remained.

Today childhood friends, Hamata and Nandi have been joined by Peinge Kalipi and the trio is now the proud owners of the thriving wholly Namibian-owned and fully Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) compliant Ontemo Business Solutions.

And the venture has since expanded from merely producing software for SMEs and NGOs to providing fully fledged IT solutions to established corporations.

The company specialises in website design, software development, mobile information services, graphic design as well as IT hardware procurement and project management.

But the company’s pride and joy according to Kalipi lies in its ability to develop, to implement and to maintain Open Source Software Solutions, a service which he enthuses, is yet to be tapped into by many a software developer in Namibia.

“At Ontemo we have the skills and the technology to deliver dynamic solutions. Our expertise allows us to provide our clients with a wide-range of innovative IT solutions. We are ready to engage you as a customer and help you exploit the benefits of Information technology,” says Kalipi.

The duo’s vision is to become a leading technology company by providing creative solutions.

“In other words, we provide our clients with solutions that challenge the conventional.”

The company designs creative, user friendly interfaces for the web, print and digital media.

“Our designs are tailor made to reflect your image as an individual or a company,” says Kalipi.

He further maintains that as part of their contribution to the minimisation of the high unemployment rate the company boasts a talented crop of freelance designers who can deliver a powerful brand identity for any business.

“From E-commerce to web applications to E-learning, custom CMS and animations, Ontemo Business Solutions can help bring your business dreams to life.”

In their quest to stay relevant to the demands in the market, the company has recently moved towards the implementation of technologies in the mobile phone sector.

This was motivated by the fact that more recently a vast majority of Namibians access the Web from their internet enabled cellular telephones as opposed to finding a personal computer or laptop.

It is further widely cited that in developing nations, more people use cell phones to get online than they do their personal computers thus, “web content not optimised for mobile web browsing means you’re missing out on reaching the masses”.

At the age of 29, Kalipi has managed to establish himself as a notable force in the IT sector. He has garnered a lot of experience having worked for a number of local corporate companies before joining the two original owners of Ontemo in the business.

The businessmen are products of the University of Namibia (Unam) having acquired Bachelor of Science degrees from the national institution. Also 29, Hamata has worked on a lot of projects including work on a budgeting system for Trustco and recently; an IPO (Initial Public Offering) share trading system which was used at Standard Bank and Trustco regional offices.

Hamata’s area of expertise is the development of web-applications and his professional experience includes: Web Development, Programming, Web Systems Administration (Apache, Linux, Unix, MySQL, PHP, Subversion), Database Design and Query Optimization, Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Online Business Development, Marketing and Market Research, Technical and Creative Writing.

He has eight years experience in the IT industry. The eldest of the pack Nandi, is 30 years old. Nandi boasts nine years experience in the field of IT and throughout these years he has cultivated an in-depth knowledge of enterprise software.

He is one of the few SAP certified professionals in Namibia. Willie’s diverse programming skills are what make him a great asset to Ontemo Business Solutions.

The company today counts government and various parastatals as well as other well-known corporate entities some of its clients. PF