Nothing is small at Katiti

By By Shasimana Uugulu
August 2011
Eating Out
Although Katiti means small in a local vernacular language, at Katiti’s, a fast grab-and-go meal outlet, nothing is small.

Situated a few metres from Independence Avenue and along Post Street Mall close to the open air curios, the take-away is strategically placed to cater for passer-bys who want to grab a meal and go back to their offices.

Post Street Mall is the central highway many people throng on their way to and from the Wernhill Shopping Complex.

Namibia is a country that enjoys a vibrant tourism sector and international visitors stay in lodges and back packers. It is this type of clientele that Katiti’s caters for. People who are on holiday want to unwind and put their feet up after excursions and start wondering what’s for breakfast or dinner.

This is why for the past four years Katiti’s Take Away services have increasingly gained popularity as it has positioned itself to be a place where those who missed their breakfast can always grab something for the stomach before starting off with their work.

In these chilly winter mornings, a long queue of customers’ line up for the day’s soup special that vary from creamy vegetable to meaty types. A big pot of soup is ready in the early hours of the morning making the beverage popular and part of Katiti’s winter specials to customers.

The soup which costs only N$10 per tumbler comes with a free brotchen and the owner Frank Rechter says it has become popular with office workers in the morning lining up to grab a cup of this hot and delicious soup.

“The soup here is so popular, and in the morning people from all walks of life come to buy it. It helps with the cold weather and we are making it as part of our winter specials,” says the Rechter.

The pot of soup is always placed outside the restaurant so that customers do not create congestion.

During lunch hours, the take away bustles with customers from nearby offices who come and grab anything from chips, Russian sausages to saucy beef and cheese burgers.

I had a misconception that the way take- aways serve their customers detaches themselves from the clients but at Katiti’s I was proved wrong. I enjoyed the comfort of outlet and like the facility of waiting for your order or to order while you are seated.

However Katiti’s services are more than just those of a regular take away for, on a hot summer day, you can sit outside and order your meal under the shades.

This uniqueness bonds Katiti’s with its customers and instils the sense of being at a restaurant. Waiters still serve the food and drinks while you sit and marvel the tranquillity and towering buildings that surround the place, giving it a relaxing atmosphere.

The regular menu at Katiti’s include pizzas, beef lasagne, beef stew with rice and fresh assortment of vegetables with white sauce and buttered Atlantic Hake with chips and Fresh veggies and white sauce.

They also have specials that change on a daily basis depending on the day of the week you visit them, you might find some of them such as fried Beef liver with sauce and mash, Eissbein, Osso boccu and stewed game tails.

Usually, when I go in a restaurant the first thing I do is browse through their menu, at Katiti’s the meals are nicely displayed in the display units to give the diner instant appeal.

The meal is always on the house so I decided to try their pita breads with minced lamb and cheese.

Because it was early in the morning and the weather was still cold, I warmed up with their hot soup.

Take-aways are renowned for their fast services and Katiti’s is no different, as I sat down the food was served immediately and because the food was appetising I took no time to delve into it.

The minced lamb tasted fantastic and the cheese accompaniment perfected the dish and tomatoes sandwiched between the bread gave the culinary treat.

I am not used to having soup and before tasting Katiti’s, soup was never a mouth watering trigger for me. I must admit that I am now a soup convert and would not mind to have it every morning.

The service is fast and orders are delivered in a short time by waiters who are friendly and always wear a smile. If you are not ordering a take away, one of the waiters will direct you to the seats just outside.

The owner told me tourists love sitting outside as it offers them a chance to relate to Windhoek life and take a look at some of the products being sold by craft vendors just opposite the take away. PF

Courtesy – Good
Ambience – Welcoming
Service – Very Fast
Food – Good
Value for Money – Fair
Overall rating – 3/5