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Triumphant College started its operations as a tertiary institution in 2007.

Tertiary institutions are a critical pillar in human development as knowledge increasingly becomes an essential and primary factor of production.

It is within this broad perspective that Triumphant College formulated its Mission of using current technologies such as ICT, and highly trained staff to provide quality training programmes and consultancy in the areas of Leadership, Business Management, Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Tertiary institutions are a critical pillar in human development. In today’s lifelong-learning society, knowledge has become, more than ever, a primary factor of production throughout the world economy.

As a provider of high-level skills, any new tertiary institution need to be aware of the global environment and the essential policy reforms that are going on in tertiary systems today, to make the sector more efficient, transparent, responsive, relevant and equitable. The pace of innovation and change has markedly intensified, with the society demanding evidence that the products of tertiary institutions provide good value for money.

A look at developing countries shows that those which have been successful in expanding their economies, benefited most by integrating with world economies through marked increases in tertiary level education.

Fully aware of these developments, and wishing to be a true partner in growth, to assist individuals develop their potential and allow them lead lives of dignity and fulfilment, Triumphant College has carefully considered its area of operations that are mentioned above and has judiciously mapped a strategy on the way forward. Appropriately blended, these areas underlie the success of many economies.

The College works to blend the Vision and Strategies with the day-to-day operations to ensure quality delivery, resulting in clarity of purposes and stability of focus. Comprehensive policies have been developed to ensure that there is a rich learning environment within the College. The achievements of Triumphant College have been possible through a dedicated team of staff and adherence to high levels of quality in service delivery. The College is currently collaborating with about eight other educational institutions to provide certificate, diploma, bachelor and masters over a wide range of programmes. The student body provides a wide range of nationalities that afford a rich cultural and social interaction in the College.

Programmes are offered through schools and centres which are listed below. All academic staff undergo annual performance appraisal based on key quality assurance criteria to ensure highest excellence in learning.

School of Management and Business Studies

This school offers programmes in accounting, business management, marketing, media studies, human resources, public relations, psychology, and travel and tourism. Close attention is given to the demand of the labour market so the college blends theory with site visits. Students are encouraged to do job attachment during holidays. Most of the qualifications in this school are offered in collaboration with ICM in the UK.

School of Engineering

This school offers programmes in electrical engineering, electronics engineering, telecom engineering, construction engineering, and computer engineering and information technology. The teaching includes theory, practical and lab work. Site visits are arranged for students to appreciate the world of work. Full qualifications cannot be offered unless students complete a given list of practical work. Short courses of up to 6 months are offered including motor mechanics. The college has a fully fledged motor mechanics workshop. Most of the qualifications in engineering are offered in collaborating with City & Guilds in the UK.

School of Law

The School of Law offers certificate, diploma, Advanced Diploma in Legal studies as well as LLB and LLM degrees in collaboration with the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM) in the UK and the University of Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania. Thus with Triumphant College, a student can progress from certificate up to LLM Degree.

Bureau of Professional Development and Life Long Learning

The Bureau organises regular international and local professional short courses in various areas. These are selected through a researched analysis to identify key areas of knowledge that fuel the current labour market. These courses are ideal to professionals who want to keep abreast with current and new knowledge and standards in their respective fields of specialities.

Clearly the college is the institution of choice to anyone seeking to gain the necessary education needed in the labour market today. Join Triumphant College for quality education necessary for the labour market.

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