Mpact invests in its employees


It is no secret that Namibia has a shortfall of skills especially in the manufacturing industry. But for Mpact, formerly Mondi Packaging (Mondipak), its expensive production machinery is now operated 100% by Namibians.

The cherry on the cake is that most Mpact employees if not all, were all menial employees doing manual jobs such as packing, cleaning while others were taking any odd jobs within the company, it was their first and only job since finishing school.

Mpact is taking a different view towards talent retaining and skills upgrade.

In fact, the company is chiselling a name for itself in the annals of Namibia in a country where skills and expertise are as dry and arid as the topography of the country.

As from 2006, Mpact Namibia, invested company’s funds in training their own and loyal employees to become qualified and skilled tradesmen and women in the various discipline found in the corrugated packaging industry.

All in all, Mpact employees 91 people some at its Walvis Bay plant while others at the sheet plant in Windhoek.

Very few companies can actually take pride in what Mpact has done towards the development of its staff and it is no wonder that employees at the factory are all smiles says Dankie Hipundjua.

Hipundjua, Andreas Nekwaya, Patrick Salufu and Friedrik Ama-goab are some of the employees who have benefited from the training and development initiatives.

Hipundjua, (a seven year veteran) at the company is now a qualified board machine minder from the Cape Town based Independent Media and Print Institute (IMPI).

His office is a two metre high booth, which is the computer operating centre of the board machine where he keeps an eagle eye on the processes.

“This is to me, with all sincerity and honesty the best company to work for.”

Ama-goab hails originally from Gobabis but joined the company in 1995 fresh out of school, when it was still called Kohler Packaging.

For his devotion, the company fittingly sent him to training school in Cape Town to qualify as a Printer Operator. His responsibility is to ensure that all printed jobs are according to customer specifications.

The company has invested over N$500 000 to acquire apprenticeship skills in the various disciplines to be found at the factory.

Similarly employees Patrick Salufu and Ananias Nekwaya, only have praise for the company.

Nekwaya has recently aced a pre- qualification exam that will see him qualify him to do a trade test as Corrugators Operator.

Nekwaya, whose home village is Likokola in the Omusati region, never regrets coming to Walvis Bay 10 years ago and landing a top job here.

“I never felt like wasting my time here, although only employed with Grade 12, I just worked with passion at this company.”

Nekwaya’s meteoric rise in the company is envious as much as contagious from an ordinary packer and manual sorter he worked his way up to a slitter scorer setter.

“We value each and every one of our employees. Each individual contributes towards the success of Mpact as a whole, and we recognise and reward this contribution with a range of benefits and opportunities to encourage growth and development of each person,” says General Manager Liina Muatunga.

According to her more than half a million N$ is budgeted annually for training and development.

She says two other employees who joined the company as packers were send to Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) over a period of three years and they will write their trade test by December 2011 to qualify as Fitter & Turner and Electrician respectively.

“It is in the interest of the company that we invest in our employees and also it is for the benefit of our country to have these skills.”

According to the General Manager, Mpact success is driven by:

Passion for our superior quality, innovation and relationships; dedication to our customers and their success; the value that we provide to our customers and the trust that we have gained in the market place through our reliability, experience and expertise.

She concluded that it is through this drive that we are able to consistently deliver quality products and services worth their price.

Mpact Corrugated - Namibia is priding itself that its home-grown trained employees have contributed in their own little ways to the success of this multinational company and like they say a “happy employee is a productive employee”. PF