Nikodemus’ new eagles book, a stunner

By By Michael Tambo
September 2011
Book Review

“I believe that one of the great challenges in our 21st Century world is that we have too many leaders who lead by only pointing the way, but have never walked the path themselves, nor are they willing themselves to commit themselves to growth,” says Sakaria Nikodemus in his Book Principles for the 21st Century Leader: Fly with the Eagles & Rise beyond Mediocrity.

Sakaria Nikodemus’ second book ‘for present leaders and those aspiring for leadership’ is an essential manual for leadership and management and has been recommended as one of the core books for students studying for their Masters Degree in Management and Leadership at the University of Namibia.

Nikodemus, with penetrating insights and pointed anecdotes, reveals how one can make leadership dreams and a living reality learning from the qualities of an eagle, which he terms “king of the birds”.

“The Principles for the 21st Century leader speaks directly to, perhaps one of the greatest needs in our world today, the need for true leadership. Here is a book, laden with practical and profound teaching. When studied and applied, it has the potential to impact and transform the lives of every individual aspiring for leadership. This book will provoke you to fulfil your role of effective and successful leadership. If you desire to be a more effective leader, this book is for you. If you desire to fly at the altitude that you were born to, this book is for you,” writes Dr. Abraham Iyambo in his foreword.

Nikodemus expands into eight chapters the eight remarkable qualities of an eagle which he applies to suit qualities expected of an effective leader namely, a clear vision, flying alone, eating live food, first testing before trusting, investing in training their young, loving the storm, flying in the day, and renewal of strength.

For Nikodemus, “leadership is across the spectrum and leadership principles are universal and applicable everywhere to everyone who wants to develop his leadership qualities.”

Writing to him is “a response to a passion I felt deep inside me, a passion to help other people discover themselves, their potential and to influence the world of livelihood positively”.

He writes, “You can never put a lid on your passion; it will eventually push the lid off. Passion was never meant to be capped because it is the engine that drives us.

“I want to encourage you never to be afraid to let your passion show for the great dreams that are in your heart. Your passion may be different from mine, but that is still your passion. In the same way that we do not have the same visions and dreams, similarly we do not have the same passion for things in life. This is a very vital point to note because our passions are derived from our visions.”

One of the qualities that Nikodemus mentions as a must-have when it comes to leadership, is integrity, which has to do with our character, values, principles, standards, beliefs and honesty.

“Integrity produces trust and respect, and without these two qualities, leadership is practically impossible. I have seen great, talented, qualified and highly intelligent individuals, but they lacked integrity, and as a result literally reduced their leadership to nothing but a futile exercise with no impact in the lives of people.

“Let me put it this way, if I cannot trust you as a leader, then there is no way you can ever influence me. We need leaders who live by strong and rock-solid principles. Principles which they would not violate. We can never separate sound moral values from leadership and great leaders are individuals who have established solid principles which regulate their lives. You can achieve much with individuals who have integrity.”

Sakaria Nikodemus is a national Leadership Educator and Motivational Speaker, Author, Trainer and Leadership Consultant, addressing critical issues affecting a wide range of human development.

The central theme for his message is the discovery and maximisation of individual and corporate leadership potential. He firmly believes that every individual is endowed with a tremendous wealth of leadership potential.

He is the founder of the True Lead Training Institute (TLTI), a multidimensional organisation with the vision of building capacity in Leadership Development for individuals and institutions. In addition, he also serves as a board member of several institutions.

As a committed investor in the human race, Nikodemus says his passion is to spread the word of Leadership and Human Development to humankind across the world. He believes that we are all prime candidates for leadership because we possess the raw material necessary for our leadership expression.

To date, he has trained more than 32 organisations’ members in Namibia in Leadership and Human Development, a clear indication that people are actually benefitting from his wisdom as he stands out as a source of great inspiration and contributor to the development of the galaxy of humanity.