South Port, Namibia’s newest face of business

By Jemima Beukes
September 2011
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One of Namibia’s biggest showroom, the N$70million Southport Showroom in the southern industrial area that caters for large, medium, and small enterprises has started taking in tenants.

The 2000square meter showroom, expected to be completed any time soon and belongs to Van Wyngaarden Projects, has an office complex and a showroom.

The co-director Charl Van Wyngaarden says the construction is on schedule despite the heavy rains experienced this year.

He further says consistent with the current frency on propertites in Namibia, the ground floor space was snapped up by different companies, and the main showroom is reserved for Spes Bona Motors but add that facilities will not be exclusively for vehicles but also for furniture displays.

Says Van Wyngaarden, “Considerable interest is shown by tenants. We are busy negotiating occupancy of the showroom on the ground floor.”

Van Wyngaarden further praised Construction Company, Murray and Roberts for the crisis free construction thus far.

“No fatal accidents were recorded and no serious injuries have occurred so far”, he said.

On-site accidents are a common problem in the construction industry and fatal accidents cannot be counted out. Recklesness or absence of workplace safety policy are the main causes of such accidents.

Work on the project commenced in July last year but the strikes in South Africa contributed to late deliveries of building materials which slowed down progress.

Namibia’s fast growing construction industry relies heavily on suppliers from outside the country except for cement which is now produced locally.

To cut down on the use of energy, special reflector glasses in the showroom, were imported as well as a variable refrigerant volume air-conditioning system, (VRV) which uses less energy than conventional air-conditioners.

The main generator for the VRV system will be set up in the basement and will feed into each condensing unit in the main building.

Electricity on the other hand will be supplied through a mini- substation which will be located at the entrance of the building.

The elevators are made of stainless steel which is rust proof as well as for the ramps in and outside the building.The hard landscaping and driveway will be in cobblestones and tiles, while the kitchenettes, lobbies and staircases will be finished with porcelain tiles.

For a rather sophisticated look and for endurance, aluminium and safety glass are used for the main entrance doors, while interior doors to service areas will be semi-solid painted doors with steel frames.

The ablution facilities were designed with special provisions for disabled people. An elevator and a ramp from the basement to top floor for persons in wheelchairs or the elderly clients is one of the important features of this building.

This prime positioned showroom will provide ample parking to tenants with parking space for at least 90 cars in the basement, and sufficient customer parking on the premises.

The Southport Showroom and Office Complex promises to contribute considerably to the Namibian economy in the form of taxes and duty charges.

This exquisite office complex with its modern architecture and high quality finishing touches is certain to lend a sophisticated flair to the Southern Industrial area which is often associated with baggy overalls and cluttered business premises.

The building already serves as an exclusive landmark months before completion.

Van Wyngaarden’s company will, at the completion of South Port, embark on theThrift Towers, an apartment block in the Ausspanplatz area.

These up-market apartment blocks will be built next to the German Higher Private School (DHPS) in Thrift Street after which the apartments are named.

The Thrift Towers apartment blocks will consist of 82 apartments which will range from bachelor pads to lavish penthouses.

Construction for these apartment blocks designed by Architects INK started in August this year and are expected to be completed in 12 months’ time.

According to Van Wyngaarden, business in the construction industry started soaring in 2006

after the expansion of Maerua Mall.

“The same year we switched from construction to development management following the influx of Chinese constructors as the market got very tight and the company decided to focus on own developments,” he said.

The Van Wyngaarden’s expertise and workmanship is measured by buildings like the High Court, The National Archives and Khomas Regional Council Headquarters which they constructed.

Van Wyngaarden also developed the Molenzicht Apartment blocks in the Mole in Swakopmund as well as the Pupkewitz MegaBuild building. PF