G 300 is just legendary


First-class technology, robust design and impressive longevity are the traits that make the new G300 CDI Professional a true Mercedes-Benz, capable of meeting any challenge head-on.

The new G300 CDI Professional, launched recently in Walvis Bay, is a multi-purpose vehicle well suited to persons with the requirement of a particular application.

This is the car targeting all outdoor persons who enjoy exploring the safaris and farms.

“The newly launched G300 CDI Professional is performing well as it is a niche market and because of its 4x4 capabilities” says Natalie Schroeder the Sales Manager for M +Z Motors Mercedes Benz.

Functionality in day-to-day use, sturdiness and reliability are the hallmarks of the long-wheelbase G300 CDI Professional Station wagon. This variant is a pared-down-equipment version of the G model, distinguished by its GP Professional badge which leaves little to be desired for discerning private users placing high demands on the vehicle.

The G300 CDI Professional has a distinctive form, typified by some bold corners and edges, beneath which, beats the heart of a no-nonsense cross-country vehicle.

Despite the vast array of possible vehicle applications, there is always one common denominator: the car’s ability to deliver outstanding performance, anywhere and in any situation. Many armies today place their trust in the G-Class for ensuring the mobility and safety of their staff all over the world.

Besides being an impressive performer, the G300 Professional has a high-torque diesel engine which is highly economical. Seldom has a genuine off-roader provided such a compelling mix of power and efficiency.

When it comes to engine, the G300 CDI Professional’s V6 2 987 cc engine is quiet and extremely powerful, offering an impressive output of 135 kW at 3 800 r/min and a torque of 400 Nm at 1 600 – 2 600 r/min, even at low revs, slow speeds on rough terrain and on extreme uphill gradients.

The car is also equipped with a standard-fit fuel filter with a water separator that provides highly effective protection against contaminated fuel for the engine. Its standard 5-speed automatic transmission delivers outstanding performance and with an extremely fluid sequence of movement, the gear changes are barely perceptible.

Another outstanding feature for the G300 CDI Professional is its legendary off-road expertise accredited largely to its two precisely located rigid axles with high torsional flexing, long spring travel, permanent all-wheel drive, the synchromesh transfer case and three 100% differential locks which can be individually selected in a logical pre-set sequence during the journey for optimum off-road performance.

It is every driver’s pride to drive a car that guarantees him of reaching their destiny. As for the G 300 professional the manufacturers designed the tires in a way that, if one of the wheels loses traction, the force is distributed to the wheels that offer the best grip. Even the grip from a single wheel can provide enough traction for the G-Class Professional.

The combination of a ground clearance of 213 mm, a fording depth of 600 mm, approach and departure angles of 36° / 31° respectively, and a ramp angle of 23°enables the G-Class to climb, clamber and tackle steep ascents with ease. This is a strong combination that no other vehicle can offer.

Standard equipment on the G300 CDI Professional includes all-terrain tyres with extremely deep tread. The load compartment is accessible via the single-wing tailgate. Any liquid and dirt inevitably taken on board in extreme applications can be drained out of the interior quickly and easily. The G300 CDI Professional knows practically no bounds, even in difficult terrain and under tough conditions.

The G-Class is also equipped with Hill Start Assist. If its sensors detect that the vehicle is stopping on a gradient, the brake pressure is briefly maintained so that the car cannot roll backwards. The driver has enough time to switch from the brake pedal to the accelerator, making it unnecessary to engage the parking brake.

The off-road capabilities of the G-Class Professional are also legendary. The frame is built by hand from 4 mm sheet steel, with over 6400 welding points, to deliver superb handling on all terrains. Depending on surface, the G300 CDI Professional maintains driving stability on inclines of up to 80% and lateral inclinations of 54%. Featuring two precisely positioned rigid axles with a high degree of articulation, long spring travel, permanent all-wheel drive, a low-range gearbox for the transfer case, and three 100% differential locks, the G-Class produces exceptional off-road performance.

The G300 CDI Professional is costing N$781 000 but additional prices can be charged for extra modifications depending on the driver’s needs and desires. However, an additional “On road charge” of N$1 850 is charged to all vehicles sold at M+Z Motors. PF