ICT going green

Green Enterprise Solutions (PTY) Ltd (GREEN) is breaking new grounds in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector by bringing green solutions to improve efficiency in the day to day operations of an organisation.

GREEN, is owned and managed by previously disadvantaged Namibians, opened its doors at the end of 2010 and has entered into the ICT industry with a vision ‘to sustain a Namibian business which makes positive contributions to all stakeholders’.

The Namibian business community must brace itself for exciting technologies that will improve efficiency and reduce running costs in the various economic sectors.

The Chief Executive Officer of GREEN, Llewellyn le Hané explains that the company is focussed on delivering unique technologies such as voice over IP, mine planning technologies which brings together optimisation and 3D interactive visualisation to provide mining operations with a user-friendly, fast tool for determining optimal mining strategies.

“The company has been engaging with a local mining company for the design of a mine planning system. In doing this, we teamed up with an Australian company which developed a state of the art mine planning system.”

Organisations that process high volumes of documents can minimise loss of vital documents by implementing solutions used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents. Our solutions are also capable of keeping track of the different versions created by different users.

“Green Enterprise Solutions came as a result of an initiative to start a Namibian owned ICT Company. We aim as Namibians to build a knowledge based society as entailed in Vision 2030 and National Development Plans. We need to harness technologies in order to be able to educate our people and to build efficiencies which will reduce costs,” says le Hané .

Green offers a full life cycle of specialised IT Services which includes planning, building, support, management and provides services such as applications, networking, security, operating environments, storage and data centre technologies, consulting, integration and managed services to create customised client solutions.

Green also provides consultancy services to businesses. Says le Hané, “We are customer centric in our approach and our vision is to be the leading provider of innovative, bespoke ICT solutions throughout Africa. This means that we customise all our solutions around the customer’s business requirements.”

The company’s biggest challenge, according to le Hané , is to get a sizeable market share in an industry which he says has been largely dominated by established foreign companies.

“The Namibian ICT industry is dominated by established foreign companies and the biggest challenge is for us as a local business to compete against the already established ICT businesses. ICT is highly competitive industry and the only way we can compete is if the government and local businesses invests in local businesses and empower local companies,” says le Hané .

“The prevailing trend is that ICT projects are awarded to foreign businesses due to the lack of capacity and skill within the local market. The advantage of this approach is that the solution is build with experienced individuals. The disadvantage is when no knowledge is transferred to locals and hence creating a dependency. GREEN’s vision is to change all this by developing local skills.” he adds.

With respect to hardware, the IT Company’s products includes low end, mid range and enterprise scale arrays, tape libraries of all sizes, servers from entry-level with Intel x86-64 technology up to the most powerful mainframe class computers, SAN and NAS solutions, fibre channel networks and optical networks for ultra-fast data transmission.

As a way of keeping information exchange processes safe and stable, Green also provides various techniques such as replication, data migration and server, storage and application virtualisation.