Paguel the new place to be

By By Shasimana Uugulu
October 2011
Eating Out
I find most Windhoek eating out spots accommodating and colour blind. My assertion was once more confirmed when I was invited to try Windhoek’s newest restaurant, Paguel.

After having a somewhat nightmare experience in Swakopmund last month, where my colour dictated the type of service I got from waiters, Paguel quelled my traumatic experience.

Located in Independence Avenue, where Indian Taal restaurant used to sit, Paguel has been in business for barely three months yet the popularity of the place as evidenced by the patronage, and excellent service, matches that of an outlet that has been running for a long time and is currently the talk of town.

Apart from offering amazing international delicacies, Paguel is an up market restaurant pampering its customers with infectious hospitality in a relaxed and entertaining environment.

The restaurant offers a rich menu with a variety of Steaks, salads, fillets and pastas. The starters include Beef tongue a la Vinaigrette, Smoked salmon carpaccio, Antipasto Paguel and Rabas (Calamari rings).

The desserts include Paguel dessert which is a fried Ice-Cream, Chocolate delicacy, Profiterole and Tapa dessert.

Although most waiters were not aware that we are from Prime Focus Magazine, as soon as we arrived, a waitress Emely was quickly assigned to us and led us to our table and presented us with the menus.

Amid navigating through the menu, our choice of drinks were served and because I wanted to sample Paguel’s excellence, I asked Emely to give me a unique starter that would tickle my taste buds and forever tether me to Paguel. She recommended that we choose Mixed Marinated Esca Beches for three people and Provoleta.

The mixed Marinated Esca Beches contains Chicken, Lamb, beef tongue, Kudu, and Rabbit.

Yes, Rabbit. I mean this is what makes Paguel starters unique and I admit, it is the first time trying food with Rabbit meat.

Starters are always starters, and after we were done, we waited for the main course which again was served and recommended by Emely. I did this because all meals where on the house, and I felt it would be fair if I give the assistant an opportunity to recommend some of Paguel best dishes to us, after all she knows them better than us.

Emely did not hesitate and recommended us to choose the Grilled Meat Platter (Parillade), Chicken Curry with vegetable “Ratattolle” and Saltimbocca.

The Grilled meat Platter comes with all range of meaty products such as Chourico, Morcilla, Veal Tripe, kidneys, Beef short rib, beef flank, chicken, lamb and pork.

Paguel is not just about eating, it’s the whole experience at this restaurant that makes it unique. There are three seating spots that one can choose to be served and there is the bar and kitchen.

In the background, Kizomba music provides mellow music with interchanges of country, house and Afro-pop. It was a Friday and the venue was bustling and bursting with all sorts of people from differing background.

Maybe we looked like romantic love birds , as the dishes kept coming, but I am convinced we were not a nuisance to other customers since they went on with their business or maybe they were told its “Shasimana Eating out crew from Prime Focus magazine doing their thing”.

I realise that I am fast becoming a dining celebrity because regular people who wine and dine now recognise me in the popular restaurants around Windhoek.

Paguel has also played a part in the reduction of the astronomical unemployment rate that is giving Government sleepless nights. Paguel has a staff compliment of more than 70 employees at this restaurant. Maybe this is why their service is so fast and efficient.

If you are looking for a completely new eating out experience, try Paguel restaurant. You will roar for more and never be disappointed.