Cordon Bleu is as cool as the name sounds

By Shasimana Uugulu
November 2011
Eating Out
After struggling more for than five years to get a loan from the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN), Matti Kautondokuo is finally living his dream of owning a restaurant at the age of 30.

The restaurant, Cordon Bleu, which was recently officially opened by the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry Tjekero Tweya is situated in the Carl List building within Windhoek’s central business district.

It has managed to attract the attention of tourists within a week of its opening and the owner says some customers are even leaving their regular spots just to come try out his cuisines which he describes as “the best in town”.

During the opening ceremony, which was held on 27 October 2011, Tweya urged all Namibians, particularly those working in the CBD to support the restaurant and the younger entrepreneur.

He said supporting local brands will contribute to the growth of the local economy.

“Let us all become regulars to Cordon Bleu restaurant. Let us tell our friends about the kind of services offered here so that they come and see for themselves. Those who work in the CBD come and have your breakfast and lunch here. I understand that this restaurant offers the best prices, so let us support my brother here (Matti Kautondokuo) to live his dream,” said Tweya.

Kautondokuo thanked DBN for the loan and added that he is committed to expanding Cordon Bleu and grow it into one of the leading local restaurant brands. He said that he would like to establish brands in other local towns, particularly Swakopmund next year.

“My plan is to grow this brand into a very competitive entity that offers nothing but the best services. Our staff here is committed to offer customers the services they will always remember,” said Kautondokuo.

Kautondokuo said he would like to offer his customers a venue where they can eat, mingle and relax and have their food delivered in the shortest possible time.

The restaurant opens from 08h00am until 02h00am the following day. From Wednesdays to Saturdays, Kautondokuo plans to have live performances by local as well as international artists to keep his customers entertained.

On a normal day, jazz and other music genres of the 80s and 90s will be playing in the background and Kautondokuo says customers will be surprised when one day he brings in international jazz artists to perform.

The décor is brilliantwith black and white striped chairs with red light complement each other giving this venue a unique feel.

Waitresses are swift in their services and explain dishes properly before customers make orders. Now and then, one of them will ask you “is everything ok with you”, just to make sure anything a customer may want is quickly attended to.

The restaurant manager, Lovemore Muchazoreka, before serving us peri-peri BBQ chicken and kingklip cordon blue told us that, “When you come in the restaurant, be ready to eat, mingle and relax as some of the dishes that I will be offering you are very addictive as they are just delicious.”

Peri-peri BBQ chicken comes with a choice of starch at no additional cost. Mine came with chips and salad.

A colleague of mine ordered kingklip cordon bleu, which also came with chips and salad.

Muchazoreka was true to his words as this was the most delicious peri-peri BBQ chicken I have ever eaten at a local restaurant. It was well grilled with a BBQ taste that stimulated the digestive juices in my mouth.

I understand that there are individual customers who have already become regulars for the peri-peri chicken and orders them even twice a day.

Cordon Bleu has a wide range of wine collection in the bar and since it was a Friday night, knowing well that the following day would be a no-work day, we did not hesitate to order for some wine. Fortunately for us, we did not have to worry about the bills as everything was on the house.

If you are looking for traditional cuisines, Cordon Bleu is not the place for you as it specialises in a mix of local and international cuisines. However, if you want something meaty and well grilled in the comfort of Jazz music, or you just want to quickly hang out with Windhoek’s best till late, you definitely would not be disappointed at Cordon Bleu.

The starters include; garlic roll, calamari rings, snails, and baby prawns served with chilli, garlic butter and sweet chilli sauces.
While the steaks and the main meals include mushroom-stuffed sirloin steak, seared fillet served with potatoes and fresh rocket, pork avo chops, fish milanese and chicken cabanora.

The dessert included ice-cream haven, cape malva pudding and delicate cheese cake.

From Prime Focus, we just wish the “brother” good health, so he can prosper in his business venture and fulfil his dream as it has just started. PF