What a year!

By Dorcas Mhungu
December 2011/January 2012
Editors Note
This is the final edition for the year. Minister of Works and Transport, Errki Nghimtina; a versatile, and long serving member of the ruling Swapo party, defining his political and professional career paths spanning over 15 years takes us through the year that was. A year that had a lot of attention on parastatals, a year where Works and Transport parastatals stole and made the headlines for all the reasons, good and bad.

Health is wealth. In our Health column, the Blood Transfusion Service says Namibia has a healthy donor base that generates about 22 000 units per year. The institution assures recipients of blood that no tainted blood is administered and further stresses that the blood that is donated is thoroughly screened and free from any blood transfused diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B or C and Syphilis. However, the ever rising road carnage, complicated childbirths and anaemia cases have put a serious strain on the reserves and coupled with a marked decrease in blood donations at fixed facilities and mobile units; hence there is an urgent need to replenish the blood bank. With the festive season upon us, the BTS urges Namibians to, “bleed more freely and profusely, not on the roads but in donor clinic blood bags.”

We close the year and open a new 2012 chapter with Althea van Wyk being our Woman in Business.

Van Wyk is a courageous woman motivated by the discrimination against her because of her below average height to start her own businesses. It should be an interesting read for anyone seeking more than just a motivation in their New Year resolutions.

We hold dear our principle of caring and not scaring by giving our clients a business collaboration platform to look into the year that was and highlight activities, successes, challenges and future plans from their point of view in the Achievers’ Guide Supplement that forms part of this edition.

The AG, is now an annual business collaboration platform whereby Prime Focus requests the participation of companies and institutions to look into the year that was, from their point of view.

It is without doubt that the year was strategic for most companies and institutions took a lot of lessons from it, while others matured.

Prime Focus has requested PR and or Communications Departments to produce details celebrating and highlighting their major successes in text and pictorial form for the year 2011.

We believe this is an essential marketing tool and platform that is more powerful than any other form of advertising as we enter into the New Year while leaving the other behind us.

In conclusion, Prime Focus joins the corporate world as is the tradition at this time of the year, to express our gratitude to all our clients for the support during 2011. As the festive season and annual shut down gets closer, we would like to thank you for choosing Prime Focus as your ideal marketing, educative and entertaining publication. Your partnership is much appreciated and we will continue to strive to meet your needs in the coming year and for your support, we salute you.

Enjoy a merry Christmas and prosperous 2012.

Note: Our first edition next year will be on the shelves in February.