PUPPETS they are at it again

I can hear the voice of the late Comrade Gabriel Shikongo Nuunyango, echoing in the corridors of the afterlife: “Eyokaihalipuuuzigo!” (I suspect that’s his version of a puppet).

And another Villager is credited for saying:
Kuulumenhu okuundju, kuwete omashenge eshiihaanduluko. Translated: Aaye! These guys are too sensitive to appreciate such wisdom. It would be to the detriment of any publication. Minority, as they are in the Village, control most of the corporate Namibia. If they are not heading human resource departments, they are in charge of the corporate sections. You know, moss! No publication can exist without adverts.

The Villager loves them though. There is probably no family (in the African context) without such people. In my village, such people know their space. Gone are the barbaric days of sticking a hot stick in their behinds or cutting off their forefingers. After all, omuntuihayelangaashieyi (a person is never as clean as an egg).

At least we know about boys, like any other researcher, The Villager wanted to find out how girls who try to operate from the left are discouraged, nobody seems to know, even though the elders acknowledge they have always existed. Thus, The Villager has a feeling that villagers know the formula. It’s just that they don’t want to share it with The Villager for the same reason liberators don’t like sharing with the born-frees how they dealt with sellouts and wavers-cum-puppets.

Oh! That word has a way of triggering mixed feelings in an independent Village. How can a real man; man of high integrity; a role model, take pride in using his hammer to break, instead of using his trowel to build? How can you undercut the ladder on which you are standing? Call it crazy but it’s happening.

If there is one thing The Villager longs for is the writing and documenting of Villagers’ individual involvement in the liberation of The Village - a strength Villagers from other liberation movement countries have exploited to the fullest. Who can remind them that they are not growing younger? Sooner than later the Heroes Acre will run out of space. And the only stories Villagers will know will be of those mbayakwata ongombe komushila shi tayithanganya omwenyo guli pokupwamo (who does not know that by 1985 the apartheid regime was grasping for fresh air?)

These visitors-cum- Villagers have already started their summons. They are now becoming the guiding torch and moral fibre of The Village. Today they are being vocal trying to guide public opinion as per their gospel. The Villager shall remain an outright global Villager. He has never dreamt of settling elsewhere. His roots are in Oluno and tell you what; his cultural and political values were brewed there.

Somebody somewhere is being stupid and ignorant. How do you explain a situation whereby a journalist is able to graphically paint a picture of the Cabinet or Swapo Party Central Committee meeting? All in the name of anonymity? That’s bull. How do you entrust The Village to such a Villager if they already cannot keep their own promises made under oath of secrecy? Is it correct to question their personal relations and friendship with some publications owners and journalists? Should Villagers put them under a microscopic radar and declare them prime suspects? EE! What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

Why not if companies associated with The Villager get tenders because he is a friend to so-and-so... you know, moss? Sooner, than later, they will be asking all chief administrators to promise not to have friends for as long as they remain in the payroll of the Government.

Guess who is going to end up getting the jobs? Visitors. In the final analysis, Villagers are only worth the salt for as long as their bank accounts are only credited once per month. Beyond that, it’s criminal.

Is the latter perhaps not the reason why the Swapo party congress always produces casualties beyond recovery? The Villager contends that it’s real. Why? The surface is always harder for Villagers who burn in the pot. The Villager also contends that the end of 2012 will likely not to be an exception. The question is: Why does the same not happen in the west?

The Villager has vowed not to be a tea boy for the rest of his life. Yes, he knows he is a very reliable driver but you are mistaken if you think he was going to transport your kids to and from school till he grew white hair. Hope now you understand the real reason why he left your empire decades ago.

The Villager normally doesn’t like questioning political credibility of other Villagers. However, lately he has been forced to sit back and ponder on the question kutjawaar was jy (born-frees excluded) when things were hot? Ages should be enough for a barometer to account for the Villager’s political CV. The Villager was once invited to address a NANSO anniversary by the previous leadership. As much as it was an honour, he declined.

The rationale was that he had never made it to the national leadership of the same. He encouraged him to rather contact the pioneers of the same. Where those Villagers belong to (politically) should not be the issue. And if that was an issue, how come Villagers did not question Villagers who are currently in the Party leadership but chose to be something else during the liberation war?

Like all other virgins, The Villager would not be suprised if their political virginity ended up being broken by some uncircumcised idiot.

Besides, The Villager is not qualified in any way to know his political CV as he operated behind the red-line. Nanso was introduced by the likes of the late Cde Gabriel Shikongo Nuunyango (the father of the jack of all trades and master of all in the art world, Ndasuunye Papa Shikongeni) using an NUNW platform (1986) at Oluno.

Then came the youthful group led by the then NANASO President, Paul Kalenga accompanied by the likes of David Imbili and Vero Mbahuurua at the old Ongwediva in mid 1986. Boy! Their resolve and resolute inspired the Villagers in attendance to the core. Kalenga and company discouraged us not to vandalise or burn down schools as “Independence was coming”.

Another wave followed in 1987 under the leadership of Dr Shejavali assisted by Samson Ndeikwila, Nangula Kathindi and the resident pastor Jairus Uugwanga at Onguta Parish, Linekela Ndadi who was the vise president of the SRC and The Villager (guess what was his position) met the delegation at the pastor’s house. Dr Shejavali and company reinforced the message of the Kalengas. It was them who gave the two Villagers the insight on SCM (which The Villager never joined) and Ecumenical Youth Student.

The political life of students at Oluno Senior Secondary School was very much under The Villager’s command. Whereas the military side of the students was spearheaded by the late Leonald Auala (oshiliedhinaekoogidho) with his foot soldiers of Kristian Damased Kangoya Awene, Luther Kaunda Moongo again (edhinaekoogidho), Timoteus Akweenda. Since their mission was more military-oriented, their command structure was totally different from the rest. But yes! The Villager was the link. A great deal of what Villagers of his age know about the art of sleeping with the enemy came from late Nuunyango. My own brother was a member of SWATF.

After serious political indoctrination, the logical thing to do in order for Villagers to prove you was to be a part of the movement (in hindsight much more like the Arkaeda style). The Villager’s easiesttarget was to kill all the soldiers who used to converge in his brother’s room, especially on month-ends. That’s when The Villager observed how stupid it is to celebrate the month-end. They would drink to the point of getting into a comma. The late Nuunyango advised The Villager against the killing.

Instead, he encouraged him to always keep his brother’s room clean and display his photos in the brown uniform and everything else including his R5 rifle. The room became the storage facility of PLAN’s hardware. After every attack of SWATF – 101 Battalion and the Koevoet bases which were probably just two kilometers away from The Villager’s house; they would sweep clean all the suspects’ houses. Hope now you understand why my brother’s room was never swept.

The other storage place was right in front of the entry to the classrooms (Standard nine and 10). In the name of cleanliness, the puberty-stricken youth used to plant Okangwena (lawn) and make it punishable if learners were caught walking on the same. Kaunda, Leonard and Timo were notorious for that. The Villager is sure that Villagers who were there at Oluno that time have different versions to this story as they didn’t know the underlying reasons back then.

Recently, a Villager was accused of having been a collaborator around the same time.

After careful listening, The Villager told them that he would not have known much about those who were underground on the opposite side. But he directed them to one of the people in the thick of things on the other side of the divide. But all The Villager assured them of was that the Villager in question was never part of his operations. Allow the Villager some space to blow his horn if that’s what it would take. He is proud to say some of his direct political educational fruits are Villagers like Hon Samuel Peyavali Mushelenga and Elijah Irimali who is condemned to teaching.

On two occasions, he was denied an opportunity to become a local authority councilor after he was removed from the list. By who? It continues to haunt The Villager as it’s being spearheaded by people who, during those times, spent their time singing under the umbrella of the Student Christian Movement (which was penetrated by the then regime through Etango) as opposed to the progressive Ecumenical Youth under CCN.

Oh! The Villager believes truly that a domesticated lion will never be a dog. It will always remain a lion. One day for sure, the lion will go back to the forest. That is where it belongs.

From where The Villager stands, true politicians are Villagers who stand for the values of the liberation struggle. Villagers, who have known no other movement and were educated under Swapo values, matured practicing the Swapo culture and will live for and on behalf of Swapo. Villagers understand that The Village was not liberated in order for Villagers to be restricted as to where they must pursue to be empowered academically and economically. Villagers appreciate that it’s stupid to lead the economic struggle behind the pack.

Villagers understand that it’s wise to preach the doctrine of empowerment when they are not empowered. Villagers understand the deeper meaning of freedom, unity, democracy and empowerment. Villagers are able to detect hired puppies to create disharmony and divisions in the only political home many Villagers have ever known. PF