The healing art of hands

Massage is an exhilarating experience with the aim of healing the body and releasing stress.

For the first time i began to appreciate the power of a massage when I got the opportunity to start one of my mornings at the Oukolele Day Spa with a back and neck massage treatment which energised me for the day ahead.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by warm and charming ladies who asked me to fill in a form where I described my health status while I also had to indicate how I would like my massage (either softly; mild or more pressure on the body while massaging).

Oukolele Day Spa has four qualified therapists as well as a manicure and pedicure therapist. My therapist for that session was Hazel Naruses who guided me into one of their treatment rooms.

In order to get the client into the right relaxing mood, candles are lit all over the room to provide that mysterious feeling and the soft background music just to make the ambience even more relaxing.

The back and neck massage lasted 30 minutes during which I felt calm from my stressful issues.

Naruses explained: “The back massage is going to concentrate on the body’s main support structure; with specific attention given to tense shoulder muscles along the spine and those of the lower back to alleviate tension and promote relaxation.”

To my surprise, she also gave me an ‘Indian head massage’, which is a complimentary massage given to clients sometimes.

For the Indian head massage, the pressure point movements are performed on the head, forehead, face, neck and shoulders to release posture-related tensions.

Like many, I always assumed that a tour at the spa is an act of those who have the money and the time to waste. Little did I know that they understand the necessity of taking care of one’s well-being.

Karin Fallis, Manager of Oukolele Day Spa insists on the importance of a massage session for a person’s well-being.

“Many people view spending time in a spa for a massage as a luxury. However, it is not a luxury, rather than a necessity as a massage will help you distress, clear your mind, then help you relax totally, thereby setting you up for a productive day,” she said.

Fallis adds that Oukolele Day Spa has been open for the past two years and offers various types of massages such as: Swedish massages
• Hot stone massage where heated basalt stones soothing the entire body are used; which is a deep penetration ideal for relaxation,
• Sport massage ideally releases sports related tensions,
• Mothers-to-be massage is a specialised massage specifically for pregnant women that eases tensions.

Massage is derived from the French word massage meaning “friction or kneading” or from the Arabic word massa meaning “touch, feel or handle”.

Touch is very important for human contact. It helps us feel connected and loved by those around us.

Therefore, a massage uses touch through rubbing or kneading of parts of the body to aid circulation; relax the muscles, or provide sensual stimulation.

Rubbing the skin and underlying soft tissues stretches the microscopic fibres that make up these tissues. Abnormal fibres are stretched or broken, muscles loosened and relaxed and the circulation of the blood and lymphs is enhanced.

Cellular wastes trapped in tight tissues can cause chronic irritation and pain. Massage helps to release these wastes and allow them to be carried by the circulation to be processed and excreted.

Kneading the muscles loosens the soft tissues, frees up the circulation and relieves the physical pressure of the muscle on the nerves. The release of tension has a balancing effect on the nervous system, which helps to balance all systems of the body.

When a person is in balance, they’re in a state of health and well-being. Thus sleep patterns, appetite, hormone balance, energy production, waste elimination, emotional and physical well-being may all be enhanced by massage.

In addition, it helps in managing pain, improves breathing; just to name but a few.

Fallis who has been in that industry for 20 years stresses that: “Going to a spa is like investing in oneself as you are assured to reap the benefits of a well-cared body. Massages work on the mind and soul of a person and in this day and age where people experience daily stress, one needs to spend time on taking care of their body in order to keep healthy.”

Oukolele Spa is a unisex spa. Men can benefit from it too; for example, from ‘a gentlemen’s facial’ amongst many other treatments.

Women also benefit from some facial therapies done to provide proven, effective treatment solutions to every age, ethnicity and skin, in order to obtain and prolong one’s skin balance and natural beauty.

The spa also offers body therapy, which is a combination of exfoliations, wraps and massages, infused with high levels of active ingredients. Some of those being: foot zone therapy, which is an ancient art of nerve therapy through the manipulation of pressing points on the feet or Divine Body Scrub or Salt Glow Exfoliating.

In addition, Oukolele Spa also offers spa packages, which is a tailor-made package to restore one’s sense of well-being.

“Our philosophy is to exceed our client’s expectations, to deliver a world class service and provide the finest professional product,” Fallis concludes. PF