Tornado; classy, simple

It is no trouble to find a restuarant or eating den where the host’s over friendly attention makes you doubt the food, or one where the hostile stare of a host unnerve the appetite out of you.

Tornado, however, is a place where one can simply feel at home, yet with their leather menus, I fear for a vegan’s reaction. A few years ago, the principled vegetarian I was, I would certainly have been appalled by the stark smell of animal skin.

But the owner, Anja Berger, told me she previously had vegan clients who seemed not to notice the animal skin smell. The only conclusion I could come to is that the food must have been deliciously blinding.

However, according to her, the leather menu cover is hygienic and absolutely “stylish” while a plastic cover carries germs.

The modern decor of the restuarant is clutter free and certainly very refreshing with close resemblance to an uptown club. To eat out here, one must have a good four to five hours to spend in order to get the true feeling of the place; feelings, which never make it into the take-away.

The food is heavenly and child-friendly, including a healthy list of pizza options and quite appealing is the beverage list.

Staff attended to us at just the perfect intervals and requested for our desire in such a subtle manner, we hardly felt bothered.

I had a Thai Chicken and Basmati rice; a divine yet simple dish, which soon made me realise why certain foods are best served in winter or in summer. The strong, sweet and salty taste is certainly not for a quick dart accross the street. No, you need time to savour it up to the last bite.

The juice is freshly squeezed and the dessert equally as mouthwatering as the salads. The cutlery is plain and classy with no extra bends and turns to unnerve you.

My dessert was an Italian speciality, the Tiramisu, that looks like a fudge from afar but litterally melts into the pores of one’s tongue. Although it has seven cups of espressos in it, it has a deep, yet subtle coffee aroma, which lingers just a few moments before you take the next bite.

Tiramisu is made of Espresso, Mascarpone cheese, Italian biscuits and an egg and is an absolutly lovely pudding - perfect for a rainy afternoon, because of the strong aroma of coffee.

It must be the perfect dessert for a hangover, because with seven cups of espressos, one is certain to be awake in a jiffy.

Tornado is situated on the top floor of Wernhil Park, just opposite Mr Price Home, before you get to the entrance of the parking lot. It, therefore, just makes sense that you would rest your legs there after a heavy shopping spree or have your early morning meetings there.

Since Wernhill is in the heart of town, it would be safe to have early morning drinks there and still have enough time to get to the office.

Its location certainly makes it an ideal place to blow off steam after a heavy week at work.

The prices are not skyrocket high but also not drought-relief low but are certainly very economical for the working class. A beer is charged at N$14, which is the average price for in-house beverages. The average food platter never makes it past the N$70 notch with a decent dessert, dancing around the thirty-dollar bill.

The host is one of the very few pro-active hosts I have encountered, who says, “If you want oysters for breakfast, we will give you oysters for breakfast.” It is just quite refreshing to find staff who tell you “it is good” and good is what you get.

With remarks like these, it is certain you will get quality for your money, especially if she tells you, “I want my customers to educate me, not me educating them.” It probably sounds like lip service but once long enough in her shop, you are convinced she is as true as good wine.

She certainly is a host who thinks outside the box and surely understands what the term “Customer Service” means. A term still unknown to many hospitality staff and management. PF