New BMW M5, a statement of style

BMW recently released a new model to its fleet of cars; the new M5 F10 model, which is turning out to be one of the most powerful vehicles with an engine towering 412kW.

In his description of the new model, the Sales Manager for BMW premium selection in Namibia, Armand Barnard referred to it as “undoubtedly the most advanced vehicle on the market.”

The first encounter with a BMW M5 is something special. Its poised silhouette is instantly alluring and anyone with even the slightest interest in cars is able to discern its character. The wide air inlets in the front apron and the eye-catching side sills encourage you to get in, start the engine and experience a thrill you will not easily forget, in a dynamic sports car that doubles as an elegant Sedan.

The new generation brings a high-revving 4.4-liter V8 engine with an M-Twin Power Turbo package that delivers an impressive 560hp at a 6 000 – 7 000rpm and a peak torque of 502lb-ft between 1 500rpm and 5 750.

It seems that with the new M5, BMW has tried to repair all the damages made by the 5-Series. Where the standard Sedan failed to impress, the M version now does exactly the opposite as it comes with some dynamic proportions and a stylishly authoritative appearance that has been further enhanced by the addition of M-specific design features.

The front of the BMW is a clear indication to the power lying under the hood. The bonnet is defined by the brand’s usual V-contour lines and ends with a double-kidney grille, while the three air intakes in the lower section of the front apron emphasise the cooling air requirement of the engine behind the grille.

Moving on to the side of the M5, there are two side air intakes with a dynamically curving form placed where there used to be fog lamps. There is also a wide chrome frame and the free-floating look of the indicator bar, which bears the ‘M’ logo and gives the intakes an extremely deep-set look. The car’s mirror casings are painted in the vehicle’s body color while the mirror base and lower edge are painted in high-gloss black.

The BMW M5’s rear also features a bespoke rear apron; a diffuser, which is integrated into the lower edge of the rear apron and of course, the twin-pipe exhausts system. The tailpipes are positioned wide to either side of the diffuser and have likewise aerodynamically formed surrounds.

The spaciousness of the car’s interior exceeds that of other sports cars allowing the driver and up to four passengers to travel in comfort. The BMW M5 F10 series maintains the same M sports seats, fine-grain Merino leather upholstery with extended features, door sills with “M5” lettering, an M-driver’s footrest, exclusive aluminum trace interior trim strips, and the BMW individual roof liner in anthracite.

The 7-speed M double-clutch transmission in the BMW M5 creates the best conditions for a quick reaction and transfers engine power to the road in milli-seconds and enables the driver to change gears using either of the paddles of shift lever without interrupting transmission of power.

The BMW M5 F10 is also equipped with M-seats, which provide protection to the driver against lateral acceleration forces and support the driver in every curve. The electronic seat adjustment with memory function saves settings like the seat height, lateral position and the angle of the backrest.

Standard equipment includes an iDrive control system with a control display of up to 10.2-inches. The steering wheel is equipped with buttons, which allows the driver to operate the cruise control system and the audio and telephone functions. Also on the left-hand steering wheel spoke, the BMW manufacturers have put two M-Drive buttons, which can be used to configure the car. For example, the driver can save a sporty configuration using the “M1” button and a comfort-biased set-up via the “M2” button.

Talking of speed, BMW M5 has an impressive output that enables the car to sprint from 0 to 60mph in 4.4seconds, to 124mph in 30seconds whilst top speed is limited to 155mph and when the speed limiter is removed, it is capable of hitting an impressive top speed of 190mph. Despite these impressive performance numbers, the car delivers an estimated fuel economy of 28.5mpg.

The M-Drive mode comes with two profiles, which can be selected using any of the ‘M’ buttons. The first one is the M instrument panel, displaying the most important data and the other one is the optional BMW Head-Up Display, which shows the driver important information about speed, gear, the optimal moment to change gear as well the speed limit in an M-specific format.

Due to the intelligent technologies such as Valvetronic and high precision injection, the BMW M5 consumes an average of 9.9litres per 100km at increased performance levels, which is over 30% less than its predecessors. The valve control Valvetronic varies with the hub of the inlet valve, allowing the engine to ‘breathe’ more freely and perform better with less consumption. In High Precision Injection process, petrol is combusted with an excess of oxygen, which is both precise and economical.

Brake energy regeneration

As soon as the driver takes his foot off the accelerator or brakes, the alternator is connected to the engine and converts the excess kinetic energy into electricity. When the battery is fully charged, the alternator is disconnected from the engine, which reduces the strain on the engine and lowers emissions, which simultaneously saves fuel and provides more energy for acceleration.

Active and passive protection

Active protection is an optional safety concept from BMW Connected Drive in the BMW M5, which uses forward-thinking technology and, in extreme circumstances, protects the driver and passengers from injury. The seat belt pensioners built into the front seats actively enhance the function of the seat belts while automatic sliding discs ensure the side impact airbags function optimally.

The BMW M5 also offers a high level of passive safety: multiphase and warm, restructured steels are intelligently combined to provide superior protection for passengers as well as increased safety for third parties involved in collisions. This is achieved by the vehicle absorbing forces in the deformation zones while load paths divert impact energy away from the passengers. If there is a collision with a pedestrian, an automatic system lifts the bonnet to cushion the impact.

The new BMW M5 model is available at Danric Auto, BMW Premium Selection in Windhoek at N$1.1m. PF