Editor’s Note

It is unbelievable that Prime Focus Magazine is going for the 37th Edition and a few months down the line we will be celebrating our 40th edition.

In reference to human life we have often heard of ‘life beginning at 40’.

The point I want to drive home is the issue of time. Time is a very important and valuable resource. We cannot create time nor can we stretch time. We all have 24 hours a day and we need to function within that time frame.

What we do with our time as government officials, journalist, parents, and students determines the quality of our lives and our destiny.

We have the capacity to maximise the value of our time or squander it all together and the later has consequences as some missed opportunities may come to haunt you at one time.

In this edition of the Prime Focus there is everything for everyone and the feedback we get from our readers is the fuel which keeps us moving.

The story of Riaan Burger the newly minted MD of Namdeb is very significant as it points to something very positive about training and developing people within the organisation to a level they can take poll position.

This is something which Namibian as a nation should inculcate in various companies if we are to talk about sustainable development of human resources.

In our profile stories we bring you the story about Tate Kalenga the long time advocate for preferment of Orangemund as a town. We will be watching with keen interest how events unfold and we can only hope for the best and nothing less.

Running a bank is no easy-fit as the element of risk is growing significantly and banks have to investigate significantly in technology to stay afloat. Enhrenfried Meroro of Standard Bank Namibia fills us in on the trajectories of risks associated with our local banking institutions.

We have our traditional feature stories on health, motoring and eating out and we are certain you will eat your fill.

As Namibia, let us continue to celebrate our diversity, our success and above all take pride in our motherland and let us
be very excited. PF

Till next time, Cheers