B&E International has launched a refreshed brand identity as it positions itself as the leading provider of contract crushing and specialist mineral processing, opencast mining, plant design and construction services in southern Africa.

With nearly four decades of excellence service to the construction and mining industries, the company is highly respected as it is well entrenched in these sectors. Its customer base is defined by some of the highest profile names in South African mining, construction and civil engineering and among its mining partners are Anglo American, Exxaro, BHP Billiton and De Beers; a company with which it has enjoyed an ongoing relationship for more than 17 years.

“We are proud of our reputation for delivering high volume crushing solutions on time, every time and to the customer’s specifications. We believe that this change in our corporate identity reaffirms B&E International’s passion for excellence in everything we do,” says General Manager, Dawald Janse van Rensburg.

With B&E International’s involvement in major civil and construction undertakings like the Ingula Water Project for Eskom, on the border of the Free State and Kwazulu-Natal province, the De Hoop Dam for the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry in Mpumalanga as well as the Gautrain development, leave little doubt as to its status and capability as the crushing industry’s contractor of choice.

“As the only crushing company, which holds a CIDB Grade Eight rating in South Africa, our services are in constant demand from the industry’s front runners such as Group Five, Power Construction, WBHO, LTA/Grinaker, Concor and Basil Read,” adds van Rensburg.

No company can achieve the growth that has been achieved over the past few years without solid bedrock of resources; something with which B&E International is abundantly blessed.

“Our first strength lies in our staff and considering that we are highly service-orientated, we have more than 1 100 employees; many of whom are multi-skilled, providing a vast reservoir of knowledge and expertise that is unrivalled within the industry. The size of our workforce reflects not only the exceptional growth we have enjoyed over the past decade but also the scope of our operations. At any given moment, we crush stones or extract and process minerals on at least 20 sites across southern Africa.”

What differentiates B&E International from other industry players are the sound technical and engineering abilities.

“We are specialist crushing contractors that provide a one-stop service and have the engineering expertise to design purpose-built plants. Our engineering staff visits customers’ sites and assesses their individual needs according to volumes, time frames and material specification. As is often the case in major projects, we actually design and build a complete custom-made plant, which provides the client with a perfect crushing and/or mineral processing solution in the end,” he adds.

The in-house expertise is backed up by an extensive range of crushing equipment well known throughout the industry, as is B&E International’s reputation for its ability to process extreme quantities of rock at very short notice.

“The third and vitally important element is service. The aim of every mining and crushing operation is to optimise production costs by keeping down time to an absolute minimum. For this reason, it is necessary to maintain a local stock of spare parts valued at R45m, which is backed up by a maintenance and delivery service on-call around the clock.

Availability of plant and production targets are enhanced by in-house resources to airlift much needed components and services to the clients’ sites in a matter of hours, which adds to our service levels and is beneficial to our clients.

“Mining and crushing are interchangeable, which means that we can create synergies for our clients. By having the ability not only to extract minerals but also to process them, we add value making our services as a contractor an attractive financial proposition,” he explains.

From August last year to date, the operations in southern Namibia have grown from 92 to 270 employees. Twenty-one employees were transferred from the old B180 - Daberas site (Orange River Mines), to the two new challenging sites: B393 - Elizabeth Bay, Luderitz & B400 – Southern Coastal Mines Contract Mining and Seawall maintenance, Oranjemund, in order to share their expertise and the “B&E way”, with the newly employed workforce. This meant that B180 -Daberas had to step up their game by employing 21 new trainees and making 21 promotions, to fill the gaps left by the departed transferees.

B180 – Daberas: Mining, Crushing & Wet Screening

This operation is now in its seventh operational year, with one year of dormancy in 2009 during the financial crisis. During this dormancy, the rust-bug took its toll.

From start-up in January 2010, the 92 strong team started winning the maintenance challenge. B&E International is mining, crushing & wet screening 220 000ton/month, maintaining 1600 meters of conveyor belting as well as the big VB1311 Nordberg crusher, with screens, thickener and numerous pumps on the plant.

During July last year, the NamDeb Seawall was breached by the Atlantic Ocean in the Southern Coastal Mines at Oranjemund, resulting in the flooding of these mines.

“We stopped the Daberas operation (60km from Southern Coastal Mines) and went to help our partner, in order to save the Mine. After a three-week’s battle, the B&E team was complimented by NamDeb for our teamwork and the example we set. We moved back to Daberas and re-started the operation, which had been well maintained during the Earthmoving team’s, seawall rebuilding exercise,” according to Koos Briedenhann, B& E International Manager of the Namibian operations.

B393 – Elizabeth Bay (Luderitz): Stripping, Mining & Feeding ROM, L&H of product

This site is currently under construction, with a scope of three years. B&E started it in October and moved 250 000 tons of stripping material, building a cross wall to control the water seepage into the mine. This operation will strip 4.1 million tons of overburbened sand per year; mine 1.7 million tons of ROM, feed it to NamDeb’s Wet In-Field Screening plant and L&H the 1.4 million tons of product, 4.6km, to the main treatment plant at Elizabeth Bay, per year.

Other challenges at this site are the water in the pit and hard sandstone cappings combined with extreme wheather and environmetal conditions.

The EM fleet of three 90-tonnes Excavators, two Volvo L220 FEL, nine new Bell B40DV1 and two Astra haulers, will be moving these tonnes supported by the 84-member team.

B400 – Southern Coastal Mines Contract Mining and Seawall Maintenance

This is a 54-member team of opportunists that were presented with the challenge of preventing a diminishing Seawall, from being breached and flooding the mine again. The team maintained the 5.7km-long sand wall, which holds the shore break some 800 meters back, allowing the mining operation to gain access to diamond bearing gravels 15 meters below sea-level. With one CAT 385 excavator and seven Bell B40s, this team moves about 480 000 tonnes of sea sand per month over an average round trip haul distance of 3.6km.

“We create new beaches in order to break the force of the relentless pounding surf, in gusting winds of up to 40km/hr daily as well as during the misty, wet nights. We are now in a commissioning phase to increase production to 950 000 tonnes per month,” says Briedenhann.

This will include Seawall maintenance, stripping of overburden and L&H of ROM sweepings. Employee compliments will increase from 54 to 94 strong. The total EM fleet will increase to 3x CAT 385 Excavators, 13x Bell B40D ADTs, 2x Bell B18 ADT tankers, 1x Volvo L220 Front end loader, 2x Dozers and 4x Toyota Hilux 4x4 L.D.Vs

A total of 270 employees at B&E International (Namibia) are the core of the business. These employees are motivated, self-driven and possess a passion for excellence in everything they undertake. PF