Wieners runs this town!

Established a good 20 years ago, Wieners Restaurant is one of the oldest bistros in the city centre and you have to look long and hard to find a spot that outdoes this food brand.

The menu is chocked and blocked with lots of homemade goodies, spoiling you for choice and all are served in a granny’s kitchen surrounding.

Wieners Restuarant is open from seven in the morning to six in the evening, offering a good cup of coffee, a decent plate of lunch and the good old English tea at three.

The shop is open on Saturdays and Sundays and they operate on public holidays until noon too.

Sandwiches that prescribe to all the dietary prescriptions are on offer, no trappings or outlandish terms that sound like poison (like in most restaurants); its just a matter of ‘what you read, is what you eat’.

Nothing like the empty promises of a ‘farmers breakfast’ of a spot a stone-throw away. Here at Wieners, everything comes in jumbo sizes.

Mieke Kaaijk took over the reigns of Wieners eight years ago and has since run it with the assistance of 10 loyal employees, two with whom she started the journey.

While she seems ever enthusiastic about the food she offers, Kaaijk is a woman of few words and had me intimidated for a good few minutes.

I had a snitzel dish that totally crossed the borders of my plate’s diameter and quite frankly, it was one of the biggest ordered snitzels I have had to date.

Their homemade salad dressing comes in a litre size bottle and is divine and subtle; no stark taste to spoil your dish. Even their juices are made right on the premises; carrot juice being the one mostly available.

It is clear why this place can be a favourite for meals throughout the day. The coffee is good, the scones are big and delicious just as is their lunch packages.

The clientele ranges from middle-aged housewives and their daughters, early 30s professionals and businessmen older than 60.

Kaaijk notes that while there is no favourite dish, the dishes with smoked salm have become extremely popular over the past few months, adding that clients call every morning to enquire about her specials for the day, which is evidence of the popularity of her restaurant.

She further says that some seasons are more jollier than others with winter being the most favourite one, perhaps because of the nature of her food.

Wieners is the perfect spot for anyone who craves for a good platter of familiar dishes and those longing for a mother’s touch in a meal.

For dessert, the list of cakes both in-house and imported is endless. The mozart cake; a creme-de-la-creme delicacy, is best served chilled.

The mozart cake is imported from South Africa because of the hard work it requires to secure a perfect dish. If the weather is not together, your mozart cake will sing a different tune.

According to Kaaijk, this is a dish that requires very special attention and good planning.

The rest of their mouthwatering cakes are baked in-house on a daily basis in order to offer her clients fresh delicacies ever day.

Wieners Restaurant is situated right next to Pick n Pay in the Wernhill Park Complex, directly accross the ice cream shop.

Its location makes it perfect for socialising, with the escalators just directly infront of you; you are certain to spot a friend, a relative, or an acquantance every other minute.

It is in close proximity with the Optics, the banks, a pharmacy, the general dealer (pp) as well as the Wernhill parking lot; all that is necessary for the senior citizens who flock into the restaurant.

What the Wieners is not is a toddler-friendly spot; it has no crayon table, no iron horse and no in-house jumping castle. But every child needs good food, which Wieners can certainly offer.

Pricing here is nothing to write home about, perhaps the reason why it’s a popular place for the pensioners. I did not see a dish priced more than N$150 and considering the sizes of the plates, I’d say it’s cheap, if not very affordable. PF