Media gem gets connected

Out go notebooks, jeans, cameras, takkies and the break-neck chase after stories; in comes the executive lifestyle and all its trappings as John Ekongo steps into the corporate world.

From the look of things, John is already at home as he settles down for some serious business to be taken on in this blue chip Mobile Communication giant (MTC) as the communication practitioner.

John needs no introduction in the field of communication as he rides on a rich background spanning a solid eight-year experience.

His illustrious career in communication began in 2004 as a cadet reporter at the New Era newspaper. In 2006, he joined the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting as the media officer in the directorate of Media Production and Publicity.

In 2007, he took another bold step into becoming a personal assistant (PA) to the chairperson of the National Council, Asser Kapere while in 2008, he returned to the New Era as a senior parliamentary journalist. Before long, he landed the Erongo Region chief correspondent position at New Era, a position he held until his move to MTC.

The well-rounded Walvis Bay-born media practitioner, Kuisebmund High Alumni (the same as Knowledge Katti) and the University of Namibia graduate, is fearlessly passionate about communication.

“I regard myself as a communicator,” John says confidently.

His move is promoted by a quest for personal growth and so proud is he to be a part of one of the best companies in the Land of the Brave, which time and again has taken a lead in enhancing the communication process that he says, “We take pride in all that we do; we owe it to our people to give the best product they can get while fulfilling the mandate to provide communication solutions to the nation.”

The highly successful Nama Award sponsor is a box he can already tick, as according to him, accolades poured in to stage the grand event along with their partner, NBC.

Years of working in the coal-face of the back-breaking demands and crucifying deadlines in the main media make his work as a communication practitioner as simple as wood work.

“I did not feel the pressure as compared to my previous job,” he says referring to the hype of the behind-the-scenes in the buildup of the Nama Awards, an event which he says, turned their MTC office into a production room.

John sees the mainstream media and the corporate communication as complimentary. Having been in the main stream media, according to him, gives him an urge as he understands both worlds very well. He asserts that the key to keeping communities in touch with one another is an absolute right.

As he takes up this position, John is cognisant of the fact that Namibia provides opportunities for young people to climb the corporate ladder and for this reason, he feels fortunate that someone recognised the wealth of experience he has gained and that he’s worthy of making a difference.

John is grateful for his late grandmother who brought him up and speaks glowingly about her, “My grandmother was the greatest source of strength and motivation, she was once who I am today even if she departed nine months ago.”

In addition, he is full of appreciation for his mentors: Tangeni Amupadhi, Max Hamata, Hilifa Mbako, Uapingena Ngava, Da’oud Vries, Rajah Munamava and Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah. However, he bemoans the lack of ambition and enthusiasm among the current crop of youth, “There is a serious lack of ambition and self-confidence to step up and prove their worth as expected by the national leaders.” John’s power principle is, “Without God, we are nothing. He is the only Psychologist and Doctor we don’t need to make an appointment with”.

John holds Tim Ekandjo in high esteem as a tranformational leader due to his leadership style.

To date, he says, of all the books he’s read in life, especially on politics and broadcast, his favourite quote will always be, “It’s easier to have had a life full of challenges than having lived a life of lack” - extracted from The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr Norman Peale Vincet - he read this book when was just 14. PF