Kalahari Sands goes raw

If there is one thing that makes any African’s day, it is to hear ‘eat as much as you can’ and for just N$95. Well, Kalahari Sands Hotel and Casino offers that opportunity.

The Action Special, specially designed to allow customers to interact with the chefs, makes for quite an experience.

Dumbstrucked, my colleague and I soon headed for our tables with plates piled with strips of raw meat, wondering whether we went too late. We also wondered whether eating raw meat was the latest trend.

After a moment of sheer ignorance and confusion, the chefs saved us from ourselves and gently explained the special to us.

This followed us having a mini cooking class by watching them prepare the foods and having a bit of advisory chats.

The Action Special is certainly the best offer in town and will have me going back any day.

The chefs were awefully patient, which seemed rather robotic and often seemed amused at the confusion of customers once they stumbled upon the raw food for the first time.

According to Food and Beverages manager, Reinhard Stanley, the special is quite a hit, especially the stirfry section - the same section that had us baffled, especially because of the natural ingredients such as chinese egg noodles and fresh vegetables and fruits.

The Action Special runs from Mondays to Saturdays and offers customers both a fun-filled experience having them spoilt for choice.

It offers the Asian stirfry section, the grill section that offers a variety of meat while the stew section offers pieces such as goulash.

Each of the sections have a variety of choices including in-house sauces and spices.

The dessert section is rather traditional and offers a variety of ice-creams, mousses, croissants and fresh fruits; perfect for the sweet tooth and equally safe for diabetics and kids’ milk teeth, as there are no excess of sugar on offer.

Service is good despite the waiters showing up at rather awkard moments to enquire diners’ desires. But our orders arrived quite on time.

Most tables only cater for four people but one can easily arrange the tables in favour of a crowd.

For a family affair, diners can go on Sundays when a full buffet is on offer ranging from traditional homely meals to light meals.

The Sunday lunch buffet offers a variety of food ranging from seafood including prawns and oysters. Red meat and different types of pastas are also part of the menu.

Kalahari Sands Hotel and Casino is one of Namibia’s very few four-star hotels and offers a wide variety of dishes offered off an à la carte menu and an all-day buffet.

The clientele ranges from in-house guests of all ages, clients of the in-house casino as well as upper and middle class citizens.

It is also visited quite frequently by middle-aged and older business cadres, which could perhaps be the reason for the dignified environment.

Situated directly in the heart of Windhoek, Kalahari Sands Hotel and Casino is in close proximity of everything a person may need. Ample parking is available on more than one floor too.

Kalahari Sands Hotel and Casino was started in the 70’s but under Protea Hotels. Only in 1993 was it taken over by Sun International and has since been known as Kalahari Sands.

The hotel offers a full spectrum of world-class hotel facilities and services under one roof. The hotel is the perfect stop for travellers and businessmen passing through Namibia’s capital, as it also offers an in-house spa, a Casino and worth-class suites.

Having recently undergone a multi-million-dollar refurbishment, the new-looking Kalahari Sands offers the chic, modern ambience that the global businessman is used to while still maintaining its distinctly African charm.

Whether hard at work at the International Business Centre, or indulging at the Dunes Restaurant, the hotel offers guests unparalleled contemporary comfort. PF