Fresh and Wild

Fresh and Wild Restaurant, just as its name foretells, offers you a blissful mealtime experience under cocktail-like umbrellas. In the company of gold fish and multi-coloured geckos, you will be served your food by neatly dressed waiters.

The chairs are just the right sizes; not too small, not too upright or too big - just perfect, to offer a comfortable seat.

And despite the close proximity of tables, one can’t seem to eavesdrop as the tranquility totally sweeps you off your feet. So in essence, this can’t be a mine field for a journalist, you wont hear anything at all.

Perhaps it is the trees that absorb all the sound coming from tables but for some reason, this place, with quite a lot of people, is just simply peaceful.

Dishes on offer are fresh and crispy and somewhat outlandish but certainly a treat, I tell you. Desserts are custom-made cakes and in-house brownies with almond nuts in them. The latter is divine but a bit too on the sweet side.

We had a table at an arm’s lengh away from the trees on a plank across the fish pond, which gave a beachfront atmosphere.

I had a chicken stirfry with mashed potatoes, which had been simply fingerlicking good. I grew anxious that I would not have space for dessert - so filling was the chicken.

Their drinks are perhaps the best there are; they offer a blend of vegetable and fruit drinks. I fancied their orange and carrot juice, which has also got to be the very thing I’ll remember this restaurant for.

Started more than a decade after independence, Fresh and Wild is a perfect place for seminars, top management meetings and related gatherings.

It is very calm, private and cosy with excellent coffee and food. The food is not too heavy to affect your progress during a meeting; it is light and satisfying enough to keep your gears oiled.

The restaurant is located not too far from the central business district (CBD) and is a perfect place for a sundowner, because it is somewhat out of town.

This restaurant most certainly, is not a spot to drag your handful of toddlers to, they’d soon poison the fish and disturb the peace.

And with the knee-deep pond, a mother just simply wouldn’t be able to have a meal in peace, the thought of “Johnny” drowning would unnerve you all the time.

Future, the shop manager, quite the professional guy, allowed us a spontaneous meal. No awkward smiles and bows to make us choke from our food. He had the perfect welcoming recipe, “stay at large until your guests are done with their meals”.

I have now finally found the spot I want to take my in-laws to since I can’t cook (smiles). PF