The month of June has been a very exciting one despite the chilly weather we have to endure at least for now.

The month was coloured by a number of anniversaries in the media circles, The Villager Newspaper turned one year, Kae a veteran journalist called it “12” years. He has a point here anyone who is in the media industry understands the back breaking dynamics of making sure a publication is on the streets every morning, every week or month.

Not to be outdone as Prime Focus magazine this is our 40th edition, it is a tough and tedious road but we owe it to our loyal readers who religiously follow our publications through and through.

It is your feedback which fuels us to keep on moving. The media landscape in Namibia is littered with numerous causalities of failed ventures but we are glad we have moved this far, and we promise you 40 more publications on the road ahead.

On the other side the New Era turned 21, the National broadcaster turned 21. These anniversaries mean a lot for and to both the media and the Namibian space. It was a tough and tedious road but like Nelson Mandela the former South African president said “Human have the ability to adjust to anything.”

Indeed a lot of challenges were met, lessons learnt and solutions found at times requiring one to think while on their feet far from text book theories we are stuffed with at college and universities. It is never an ending affair every single day presents a new set of challenges.

Backed by this history, we, therefore, need to craft new opportunities for growth in our approach in our lives, and businesses.

Expansion and development means new opportunities, fresh thinking and ideas, the ability to challenge ourselves and stretch a bit more. We don’t need tragedy to push us to new realms of growth.

The Rio +20 has just been concluded and many more meetings, conferences, indabas, and the list goes on. As conference delegates pour out of these meeting, the buzz word is always “It was a resounding success,” and it ends there.

The questions are when will or are we going to see some of these resolutions put into practice. Personally, I have always wondered who in actual sense is the ultimate winner from these conference, are they making us richer, poor, wiser, move forward or backwards.

I cannot emphasise the need to look deep inside for us to look deep inside our lives and stop this denial we are so accustomed to.

Denial as an emotion is important to help you settle your mind but if it becomes your character then we have a problem.

It is refreshing to note that more and more young Namibians are moving into business as they take up opportunities.

This country needs entrepreneurs to spur the country to newer levels of growth.

Conventional business in retail for example does not hold much ground but manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, electricity generation need a closer look as this is where new levels of growth lie.

Our landscape we live in has change we should talk and engage in serious business in oil and gas, and mining, these are not sacred resources or opportunities, they are right beneath us and you are the one Namibia is waiting for to chart new levels of growth for the greater benefit of our people. PF

Let’s keep moving, and happy reading!