At the 22nd anniversary of our Independence, I wish to pay tribute to the men and women both fallen and standing who have paved the way for Namibia’s Independence and the luxury of political stability, which we so often take for granted. As a member of the youth, I am privileged to live and work in a country where the right and possibility to DREAM is possible

As we enter into a new decade of our history, I sincerely believe that as a Nation, we constantly need to change gear and strategy that will allow us to tackle new challenges, challenges that did not exist 22 years ago. We have done fairly well as a young and brave nation, but the future will judge us for how and what we have done to prepare for the future, and like Martin Luther King Jnr, I too have a dream. After all, it is dreams that keep our hopes alive. I am well aware that I hold no qualifications to speak about the past, our leaders have called upon the Born Free generation to dream big and make their contribution to the future. I am therefore well within my right to share not only my dream, but the dreams of many young people

We live in a nation full of hope for a better future that we all aspire, and that promise Land is possible and well within our reach. I have a dream that in 2030, we will as a Nation proudly reap the fruits of our hard work as outlined in “Vision 2030”, and that as a people we will start making our contributions now to attain this Vision. I have a dream that we will live in a country where no kind of racism will ever be tolerated against any citizen of this beloved country. I have a dream, that Black people will put an end to “black business and economic racism”, where the success of a fellow black person will not inspire hatred and jealousy amongst other blacks but that it will inspire and encourage their fellows to do well. I have a dream that as a nation we will begin to discuss and engage in ideas that will result in sweet fruits for our country, rather than always discussing people and celebrate their miseries, that we become curious and obsessed with ideas rather than people.

I have a dream that one day black businesses will be freed from discriminatory practices and that they too are seen as equals to their counterparts. I have a dream that financial institutions will one day extend a genuine hand to SME’s and aspiring entrepreneurs in this country, and that they begin to finance excellent ideas rather than collaterals, and that they think of opportunities and not just obstacles when they engage entrepreneurs. I have a dream that the current and next generation of the youth will approach their lives with a plan of action and confidence so that they participate meaningfully in the economy of this country. I have a dream that the youth of this country will embrace the social media not just for gossip and entertainment but to use it as a gateway to the world by exposing themselves by connecting to the global village. I have a dream that corruption from top to bottom will be something of the past and that no leadership will ever discriminately apply it on the basis of gender and or political affiliation and that we will become a country with absolutely zero tolerance for corruption.

I have a dream that our education system will one day become world class and prepare students not just for Namibia, but for the global village. I have a dream that students in rural areas will have the same quality of education than those in urban schools. I have a dream that all schools in Namibia will one day have the same caliber of teachers than those in the so called private schools. I have a dream that violence against women and children, physical abuse and the sexual abuse and murder of little babies will not ever make the headlines in our daily’s and that Namibians from all walks of life will condemn these barbaric acts. I have a dream that church and spiritual leaders will begin to inspire this Nation with good values rather than fighting and competing who serves the Lord better. I have a dream that aspiring job seekers will one day not be employed on the basis of the colour of their skin or political affiliation or affiliation of any kind, but based on the content of their character and competence.

I have a dream that farm and domestic workers who after 22 years after Independence still suffer discriminatory practices of all kinds will one day enjoy the same benefits and privileges like any human-being or profession and that they too will be treated as human beings. I have a dream that Namibians will stop labeling fellow Africans as foreigners, especially those from neighboring Angola and Zimbabwe but that we embrace them as brothers and sisters as our history informs us. I have a dream that policies like Affirmative Action and BEE will be respectfully implemented so that they don’t end up creating arrogant “black fools” but that they create visionaries that will empower those less fortunate than themselves by creating opportunities for others with their success. I have a dream that parastatals will one day be run on the same principles like the private sector, with excellent customer service and competent management teams that we can be proud of. I have a dream that one day “black taxing” will be something of the past, where society demands that any successful black person always proof themselves 7 times more and justify their success in a manner that is inappropriate to the principles of society just because of the colour of their skin. I have a dream that one day Namibia will have a strong middle class society and that we will uplift this nation from its current high unemployment and depression.

I have a dream that this great nation will one day proudly market itself as a great sporting nation, creating world class athletes and investing millions in sports, and that sports in itself will one day become a major employer that provides decent jobs. Equally so, that corporate Namibia will not invest simply because they think it is their responsibility, but because they truly want to make a difference in sports development. I have a dream that one day the majority will liberate themselves and gain and reap the fruits of economic independence. This we however know will not happen through simply just dreaming but by the majority actively demanding to take up their rightful place in the economic table of this great nation. I have a dream that one day we will become a truly knowledge society, a society that refuses to simply continue to be consumers of knowledge but actively participate in the creation of knowledge. A society that will one day make reading and writing a habit, where people all over the world will read great books written by Namibians and where we become international lecturers to the world. I have a dream that one day the history of Namibia will eloquently be documented for the benefit of preserving our rich history

I have a dream that our young leaders in the Children’s Parliament will one day take up their rightful place in Parliament and look back and continue the proud tradition of creating and inspiring leadership from an early age. Lastly, I have a dream that one day Africa will truly be united, and where all African leaders will adopt an attitude where they say, “the success of my country is not enough if it does not create success for my neighbours, and where they say, “I am willing to surrender my sovereignty in pursuit of African unity

Oh yes I have a dream today and I hope one day you will all join me so that we all become dreamers to make Namibia a beautiful country. I am doing something about my dreams, what are you doing? PF