Success lies in quality, tradition

The story of Pfohls Outfitters dates back to 1951 when the late Clifford Pfohls went into a shop with the sole aim of capturing the market with good quality designer suits and other men’s quality brands.

Located on 59, Independence Avenue right in front or opposite Windhoek’s Municipality offices, Pfohls Men’s Outfitters makes its presence felt with its impeccable style, class, taste and of course the prices of its clothing that have lasted for generations.

Just next to the till on the wall, reads a notice, “The bitterness of poor quality will be remembered long after the joys of a low price”; and this tells you that you will have paid for perfectly selected high quality brands when you walk out of the store.

The better part of recent times, Richard Pfohls (son to the late Clifford Pfohls) has been the driver of one of the most successful local family businesses to date. Pfohls Outfitters has stood the test of time like a palm tree withstands all kinds of desert conditions.

“We have been in this business for over 60 years and what keeps us going is quality service, quality service and quality service. We have been providing quality service coupled with quality products from day one, to our distinct customers despite the emergence of lots of men’s boutiques,” Richard beams.

He says his shop does not target a special group of people neither does it apply a specific marketing strategy, as everybody who is driven by passion, a sense of fashion and quality eventually becomes his staunch client.

“We do have a variety of clientele from top Government officials like the ministers to the young middle-class professionals; as I mentioned before, quality products and services matter to those who come here,” he asserts.

The style guru, however, admits that as any other business, his business experiences challenges too, which are mostly theft related, “Yes, stealing is a problem that results in severe stock losses and sometimes employees are also involved. But that has become part of life, so we can only be double careful to avert that.”

He hints that he will be the last man standing with regard to the ancestry of Pfohls as there is nobody in the young family hierarchy to take over from him; his company is a sole trader and a family business.

“My partner does not have a son while my son has other interests, so there will be no passing of the torch as we resolve to sell the business when the time comes but it will really take some time. We are fully committed to the cause as it is.”

Pfohls Outfitters specialises in upper brands like Carducci, Pringles, just to mention but a few. They also stock, among others, men’s socks, belts, shoes and all accessories any professional man can think of.

“We buy our brands from actual designers. By attending top class trade fairs and fashion shows, especially in Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa, we get more inspiration,” Richard explains.

Interestingly, Sagarias Iipinge now works for the second generation of the Pfohls, making his tenure with the business for more then 50 years as a taylor.

Sakki, as he is effectionately known, started with Clifford Pfohl in 1961, says there is nothing like quiting in his live history.

“Ek ken nie wat is aftree nie; I dont know what is retiring” he say with a dry smile. PF