World’s youngest auctioneer; Namibia’s own

Auctioneering requires stamina, agility and deftness, confidence and a special voice synonymous to auctioneers and Namibia just earned itself the world’s youngest in the profession.

In a stiff and maturely riddled profession, 16-year-old Xico Coetzee has broken all rules in the book and emerged as the youngest auctioneer in the world.

They say the apple does not fall far from the tree, thus, following in his successful father’s footsteps; it is depicted by many that Xico is the next best thing, “I started advertising my father’s business when I was in Grade One.”

At a tender age, he had started making inroads in the business and these portrayed traits of a master auctioneer in the making as he also did a voice–over for a radio advert once on Channel 7 for his father, Piet Coetzee.

Recently, he attained the golden award where he topped a strong team of 27 to emerge as the world’s youngest auctioneer at the Johannesburg’s auctioneer course last year.

Out of those 27, only two were awarded the prestigious golden award in auctioneering. The average age of people who attended this auctioneering course ranged from as old as 42 to as young as 16 (himself). The only person who was almost as good as Xico was a certain 26-year-old aspiring auctioneer.

Xico, who is now the youngest, qualified auctioneer, is still a learner in Grade 11 at Windhoek Gymnasium Private School. If anything, he has his career already cut out for him.

The ability to manage time as he has to juggle in between his studies and his career, makes him unique as he works 24/7 to balance both sides of his life.

He finishes his classes at 1pm, then puts in three hours of auctioneering where he catches up with the vital aspects of being a master auctioneers.

An auction in sense, is a process of buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for bids, taking bids and then selling the item to the highest bidder.

“Basically, the art of auctioneering is the art of speaking at an unprecedented speed and being able to sell animals to moveable and immoveable assets,” explains Xico.

What really makes Xico stand out even more is the fact that at 16, he is able to stand up for himself to intimidating clients and bidders who mostly intend to influence him into favouring them by announcing substandard sales.

Young Xico often sticks to his guns, leaning on professionalism and often seizes the day.

“If you made a mistake, you would have to pay for it like my father always says,” Xico firmly states.

“Through vast knowledge and paying attention to details that entail auctioneering, I have always managed to overcome difficult situations from experience as my father owns a successful auctioneering business,” Xico states.

His father is a prominent business auction magnet from whom he has acquired much of his expertise.

“Practise, sharpness and confidence contribute to the easy flow of becoming an outstanding auctioneer and one needs to be well vast with the right guidelines,” explains Xico who at the moment works (part-time) for Namboer.

Namboer Group of Auctioneers is a prominent world class group of auctioneers that is involved in livestock commercial auctioneering, farms and properties, vehicles/trailers, earthmoving, aircrafts, moveable property and game auctioneering.

Xico is focused and he feels he is destined to be in the auctioneering business for as long as he can. After metrics, this young industrious teenager wishes to go to America for six months for an auctioneering training and then spend six more months in South Africa.

In America, he says, there is a more hands-on platform for experience and he feels he needs to be accustomed to the different types of auctioneering across the globe.

For people his age to venture into auctioneering, he advises that they must have the heart and not be afraid to talk in front of people and must have the drive and neck for business and be able to spot business opportunities.

His long-term goals and ambitions are to take over Namboer. He hopes to expand it beyond Namibian boarders and upgrade it alongside his brother.

The golden award he received paved the way for him to have prospects to enter the Auctioneering African Championships and there after progress to the prestigious World Auctioneering Championship, which is held in America.

Other than his auctioning prowess, Xico has proven to be a jack of many trades as he is also an emerging farmer who breeds various breeds of goat as well as a rugby player who has represented the Under-18 national team in the past.

“Any parent would be proud of an industrious son who is able to keep his grades up and at the same time maintain and progress in the auctioneering field,” beams his mother. PF