Coaching Eliminates barriers

By Sibangani Dube
July 2012
Women in Business
In the natural world, when the road ahead has a blockage for some reason, a detour is immediately created to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic.

However, the challenge is what then happens if the highway of our thoughts finds a stumbling block too, how do we circumvent this challenge?

So here comes the need for coaches and mentors as the roadside assistants of the valuable parts of our lives; the minds, and Deidre Carballo as business coach and motivational speaker, is one of them.

Deidre Carballo has carved her own space in the coaching business, growing from strength to strength in her business. Added to that, she is a writer and she has penned a few goals in a guide book called: Journey of a Thousand Miles to Successful Living.

According to Deidre, people often turn to coaching after they have hit a wall; after trying every avenue to meet their business goals. On the whole, she is passionate and works diligently to see the best out of her clients.

Deidre’s services include, motivational speeches, executive coaching (corporates), business coaching (entrepreneurs), customised training for corporate companies i.e. leadership, customer care, business skills, goal setting, negotiations, creation of ideas, change management, money management, emotional intelligence, material development for programmes and neuro-linguistic therapies.

“I discovered my life’s purpose; to actually help people realise their goals in business and to change mentalities from a poverty mindset to a success mindset,” she says.

Deidre hails from a psychology background from the University of Namibia (Unam), which saw her stumbling upon an opportunity to be a counselor and board member of Lifeline/ChildLine Namibia.

Her work experience includes her stint with the Ministry of Finance as an assistant accountant where she was the secretary of a project (Payroll Deduction Management System) and then joined Avril Payment Solution as a service provider on the Payroll Deduction Management System to Government.

She then migrated to England to further her education in pursuance for meaning in her life after realising she was not reaching her full career potential. While in the UK, she came across career coaching, which turned out to be fulfilling her heart’s desire after which she took up Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming studies, to develop her deep understanding of the field.

Before long, she started trying out her short wings while in the UK and she soon realised it was working.

“Counseling is much more person-centered and focuses more on the problem, while coaching is more on the solution, this is what I like about coaching,” explaining why she opted out of the counseling world and into the coaching world.

After staying for five years in the UK, she came back in 2009 and went full-time as a business coach and motivational speaker. Initially, the market was less receptive as most companies and individuals did not understand the value of business/career coaching but soon, business began to grow to an extent that she now commands a rich clientele list of top companies in Namibia.

She says her objective is to empower Namibians from all walks of life as long as they realise that they have a desire for greatness and they don’t necessarily have to be women; although hers is also to empower the latter, making a better part of her clientele mostly female.

This business means a lot to Deidre as “It is a continuous process of learning in which I get feedback through testimonies from the clients I have engaged with; it fills my heart with lots of joy. I cannot say there has ever been an engagement in which I have not learnt something from my clients, that is what I value the most out of this business.”
At the moment, Deidre holds down a full-time job as a business/career coach at the Polytechnic of Namibia (PoN) in the Pro-learning Division, working with aspiring businessmen and women enrolled full-time to study business principles and practices through the entrepreneurship honors programme.

This move has had an impact on her business but she believes everything has a season; once the PoN’s season is over, she will exert full force on her business.

The good thing, however, is that the PoN opportunity has brought her closer to the young people and hence the grand opportunity to mentor them, “It is such a unique programme that prepares the youth to go into business as it strikes a chord in their lives. It draws an opportunity to engage with these young women and men to become full-time business people; to see how they grow and how I make a difference in their lives. I thought it would be a new challenge to embark on but it keeps giving me the chance to see my clients building up their professional lives so steadily.”

Her vision is to help many business people both locally and internationally to grow and achieve greater satisfaction in the market place whilst installing a culture of personal development through her programmes. Her aim is to reach over millions of people through her creative writing projects, coaching and training courses.

Her first book was well received by readers all over the world as she received considerable and overwhelming feedback. She is currently working on her second book and all she can say is “Watch this space!”

This business has its highs and lows just like any other; and on the highs, Deidre says, “Every day is a high moment but every day is never the same, there is no day I can single out as having been too weak or too strong. I am self-driven and passionate about what it is I want to achieve through coaching.”

However, she admits there are also low moments when she witnesses a client with potential spiraling downwards and she cannot do more than she has to avert the person’s situation.
On this, she points out that everything has a purpose; “At times, you need to allow clients to go through that experience, to make them realise it when they heat up to success. When you see them moving on dangerous grounds and you can’t interfere, you may feel helpless but there’s no way they can ever appreciate good if they have never gone through all the bad.”

The nature of this business entails working through associations and networking, “In this industry, you can never be a jack of all trades, that’s why I value working by association.”

You can never say ‘I am the best of the best’, she warns, “When people realise that they can’t do something on their own but they have a colleague (in this case, you, the business coach) who can work with them on that project, it strengthens your profile, hence the benefit of networking - there is so much power in networking - we should tap into that to build knowledge resources,” she emphasises while also expressing how impressed she is by the fact that more and more young Namibians are taking challenging tasks but there is a strong need for more business/career coaches and mentors to guide them.

Namibian women, she laments, allow circumstances and uncontrollable situations to limit their potentials in being the best they can be and hence she feels that removing the barriers to be able to access funds as well as helping in business idea generation would help a lot of women get into business and prove themselves.

The field of coaching is very dynamic and one needs to stay right in the coal face of development to be relevant. For Deidre, the main source of staying abreast comes out of constantly attending workshops and networking with other people, reading material, doing online courses...

Her message to other women, thus, is very simple, “Act on your dreams!” Like any other woman, she still has inner dreams for which she has put timeframes to achieve. In the next five years, she would like to focus more on product development in books, CDs and making sure her materials are available in the bookstores as a way of getting more associates. PF