How smart are smart phones? ... Samsung Galaxy SIII; not your average smart phone!

With this dynamic evolution in Information Technology, cellular phones these days are no longer just mere objects from which you receive calls and short message services (SMSes); they have actually become a business hub with a hype of activities.

The introduction of smart phones in the ever-changing ICT environment basically makes every business transaction reachable in the palm of one’s hand. “Inspired by nature; designed for humans” is a brief preamble of the all-new Samsung Galaxy SIII, which is the Galaxy II successor. Galaxy II manufacturers themselves once stated that as the phone that ‘does not die’, it even beat stiff competition from IPhone 4S as well as the HTC One.

Samsung Namibia first laid its hands on this smart phone at the beginning of last month and in terms of sales, it has not disappointed, although it comes at a hefty price tag of N$6 999 - not for your average Tom, Dick and Harry.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is the new ‘bad boy’ on the market and it clearly puts the ‘smart’ in the ‘smart technology’. The slick model that comes in pearl or white colours is equipped with a Quad 4 processor, which is twice that of the Galaxy SII.

Armed with internal memory of 16Gig, it is also incorporated with an external slot that can accommodate 32Gig where business folders and documents can be stored. With an S Beam, you can transfer large documents, images and videos between Android phones by letting the phones touch each other, and then tap on the documents you want to send. No Wi-Fi or phone signal is required for this.

One notable function and fascinating feature of this new innovative toy is its sleep mode app. (application), where the screen maintains a bright display as long as you’re looking at it and only switches off when you are asleep.

With the LTE function (depending on the country), the phone downloads faster than your normal 3G of which at the moment in Namibia, we are at an advantage with the just-in 4G. The phone comprises of 4.8 inches of high definition display where it brings reality to you at the touch of the screen.

The Samsung SIII includes a range of features that classify it as the ultimate smart phone of the decade. The phone comprises of an 8MP intelligent camera with a bright LED with face recognition, which by far surpasses some of the ordinary cameras. No wonder why Kodak went bankrupt! With technology like this, who needs to carry around a camera?

Another exiting app of this device is the smile function whereby only a smiling person can have their photo taken. Galaxy SIII highlights how smart phones have become, indeed.

Weighing 133grammes and 8.6mm thin, this device fits in your pocket effortlessly, making it more or less a business-on-the-move device, as you can access all your e-mails and documents without entering the office.

Still wondering how smart a smart phone is? Well, this is, no doubt, highlighted by the “S Voice”; an application similar to Apple’s Siri, which builds information about you over time based on your usage behaviour; asks you questions and suggests answers to your requests.

With this voice recognition function, the phone only responds to the commands of your voice - whether to make a call or SMS. It is so smart, there is no need to actually compose an SMS. You simply have to speak into the phone and the work is done!

Very soon, smart phones are going to be the hub for both businesses and education and could even replace conventional teaching methods.

With technology illustrated by the Galaxy SIII, who needs laptops and desktop computers in their lives? The only hurdle that lies in the path of Samsung’s universal take over is that they are not readily affordable to the average Namibian as they are very costly. PF