CHEETAH CONSERVATION FUND, Making Strides for Cheetahs

For the 14th year, CCF will again celebrate with Namibia the speed and elegance of the cheetah at their Gala Dinner at the Windhoek Country Club on the 13th of July. This year’s theme, “Making Strides for Cheetahs”, will highlight the large steps, CCF has taken to ensure the survival of the Namibian cheetah in the wild for future generations.

The lively evening will include music performed by “Trio Feminale con Ferdi” from Swakopmund, followed by a silent auction, candlelight dinner, conservation award ceremony and conservation speeches. The dinner guests include individuals from the business, conservation, agriculture and government sectors in Namibia and internationally.

The Gala’s keynote speaker will be The Hon. Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, Minister of Environment and Tourism, representing HE President Hifikepunye Pohamba.

Awards will be presented to the Cheetah Business of the Year and the Cheetah Conservation Farmer of the Year. These awards will honour companies which are promoting and supporting cheetah conservation and farmers who have implemented predator-friendly farming practices.

While Namibia has the largest population of cheetahs, it is only one small segment of the cheetah’s range. CCF hosts wildlife biologists, conservationists and extension agents throughout the cheetah’s range so that they can learn about CCF’s programmes to prevent or resolve human/wildlife conflict in their own countries. CCF’s motto, “We Can Live Together” is an important part of their philosophy which they teach to several thousand school learners each year from throughout Namibia.

The Cheetah Conservation Fund is a Namibian non-profit trust dedicated to the long-term survival of the cheetah and its ecosystems.

Since 1990, the organization has developed education and conservation programmes based on its biomedical cheetah research studies, published scientific research papers and has presented educational programmes to over 250 000 outreach school learners and over 1500 farmers. In addition, CCF has donated over 370 Anatolian livestock guarding dogs to commercial and communal farmers as part of their innovative non-lethal livestock management programme.

Research into cheetah biology has greatly increased our understanding of the fastest land animal and education programmes for schools and the farming community helps change public attitudes to allow predator and humans to co-exist. However, despite the many successes of CCF programmes, the cheetah is still Africa’s most endangered cat. PF

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