KUBATA Windhoek’s little Portugal

Sea food has never really been my favourite, so when Telmo (member at Kubata Restaurant) recommended that I try their best sea food dish, I was a bit sceptical.

Kubata which, in Portuguese means ‘ambiance of a house of sticks’ is a restaurant in Eros. The restaurant makes a variety of Portuguese dishes from Angola, Brazil, Mozambique and Portugal.

The restaurant is just across Eros Shopping Centre along Nelson Mandela Avenue. From the shopping centre’s parking, one can hear the soft sound of Portuguese music from the restaurant.

When you walk in, staff greets you with a smile and ask whether you would want to sit outside on the balcony, inside or upstairs.

We chose to sit inside by the corner and a waiter came to take our orders. There are beautiful Dominican Republic paintings on the walls, which add a better touch of ambience to the rustic looking restaurant.

The menu comprises of many different dishes; sea food and meaty dishes for the meat and fish lovers.

They offer lunch combo meals, which are prepared very quickly for those who have a few minutes to spare during lunchtime as have to rush back to their offices.

The restaurant gets most of its sea food products for the dishes from around the world; they get clams from Mozambique, muscles and prawns from New Zealand, while fish comes from our own Walvis Bay.

The head chef is a well renowned expert who has been in the trade for over 10 years and has graced countries like Canada, New Zealand and Mozambique with his expertise in the kitchen.

The team says health inspectors have always been impressed by the standards and hygiene of the restaurant and its staff as they pay attention to detail with regard to diners’ preferences.

I chose mango juice while my colleague asked for water.While waiting for our drinks, we checked the menu card.

The main courses costs range from N$75 to N$175 and the portions are very generous; they indeed give a diners value for their money. What amazed me the most was the idea of seasonal menus the restaurant offers.

They have specials for the Euro 2012 soccer games for the soccer lovers who watch the matches from the restaurant and have to take meals while at it.

They also have a wide selection of vintage Portuguese wines which are to die for - Casal Garcia and Monte Velho being their two most popular ones.

Telmo recommended the Chairico Assado as a starter since they are the only restaurant which serves it in town.

Chairico Assado is a sausage served in clay dish and comes complete with a flame. We had to blow out the flame to cut it while it is still hot.

Although it’s a sausage, Chairico Assado tastes differently in a very nice way. It’s salty and has that meaty feel to it.

For the main meal, Telmo recommended a grilled salmon steak with a side fresh green salad. It’s served on a normal plate despite being a huge portion.

The first bite sent shivers down my spine, I felt like laughing even though no one had said anything funny. What was happening in my mouth was so extreme I could not contain myself. So to prevent myself from making weird sounds, I had to say something.

“This is exquisite,” I blurted out. The smile on Telmo’s face showed that he knew exactly what I was talking about. The salmon steak I had ordered for came with a side plate of green salad.

I was almost full but my taste buds were fighting with my brain, telling it to continue eating.

I could not leave without tasting one of their in-house desserts; Serradura, which had been recommended to us by our waiter.

Serradura is made of fresh whipped cream, condensed milk and Marie biscuits.

What made that dessert outstanding was the combination of ingredients whose result was not too sweet but very sumptuous. The cream neutralises the condensed milk and gives off a nice creamy taste that melts in the mouth.

The restaurant has a state-of-the-art cooking system called the ‘intelligent oven’, which is a self-cooking machine and makes two to three dishes at a time.

My Kubata experience was a memorable one and I would recommend it to anyone with a big appetite. PF