Shell Namibia - be safety intelligent

Shell is a leading petroleum industry worldwide. The drive to provide safety for both consumers and environment lies at the heart of this petroleum giant.

Shell Namibia has been leading in driving safety initiatives using a number of safety programmes to aid Namibians in embracing safety as a top priority.

Shell Namibia has achieved a lot in the drive for safety on the roads in Namibia. Since 2006, Shell Namibia has been noted as one of the most active and influential ambassadors of road safety in Namibia and this year, scooped several awards in that regard.

Shell adopts a holistic approach to safety with the aim of making safety a day-to-day practice, given the Namibian road carnage.

In 2010, Shell was one of the sponsors for the Road Safety Indaba & Exhibition. Shell made a contributal amount ,plus conference banners, registration booth, 150 3G memory sticks and kiddies bags, advertising in booklet and conference participants. Shell Namibia also provided award prizes of fuel vouchers.

In December 2011, there were road safety interventions, which were held in the Erongo Region where equipment and other essentials were handed over to law enforcement.

“Although we are wrapping up the Xupifa Eemwenyo 2011/12 campaign, this intervention is one of many road safety activities we have planned for 2012,” said the communications manager, Shell Namibia, Mona-Liza Garises.

Shell Namibia’s goal is to contribute to and complement stakeholders’ efforts in making the Namibia roads safer and basically continue to provide much needed support to the uniformed forces.

In June 2012, Shell launched the annual Safety day under the theme “Time for Safety”. During this launch, Shell Namibia recorded 1632 accident-free days.

Shell Namibia bids to provide safety and reduce the carnage on the Namibian roads and wants the public and private entities to understand and care about their impact on the local community’s safety.

Last month’s official statistics from the MVA show a relative decline in terms of fatalities, which currently stand at 17 unlike the April figures where fatalities stood at a high of 54, signaling slight improvements and responsive actions, which can be attributed to the effort from Shell Namibia.

Shell Namibia has proved to be a number one safety catalyst. PF