Gecko extends foot prints in Namibia

By Musa Carter
September 2012
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On the 7th of last month, Gecko Namibia was given the approval to go ahead with the Vision Industry Park project.

In the light of its potential economic benefits, Gecko Namibia has been allocated approximately 700 hectares of land for construction near Mile 16 as per the existing Government policy on the basis of a 99-year lease.

Founded in March 2008, constituting of 23 private companies (and growing), Gecko Namibia has had its fair share of controversial media coverage due to environmental concerns and impact of the proposed multi-billion industrial project seeing the development of three chemical acid plants; a harbour, a salt mine and a desalination plant in the Erongo Region.

With the resolution made by the Cabinet, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism can now study and advise the Government on the environmental impact of the proposed industrial park.

The ‘private port’ is to serve the commercial needs of the envisaged Vision Industrial Park. The Government has taken a step closer to the goals set on achieving its central economic priority put forward in the NDP4 of “moving from an economy dominated by agriculture output and employment to one dominated by manufacturing and local value addition”.

Gecko Namibia has expressed its gratitude to Government’s efforts and promises to deliver on the lucrative opportunity at its helm as land in Namibia is generally scarce and not easily available to pursue projects of this magnitude.

With this development in mind, Gecko Namibia now seeks to continue with a full social and environment impact assessment in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

The Gecko Namibia group of companies has been the driving force behind the large number of very significant developments in the Gecko pipeline, which will elevate this group of companies to the level of being one of the biggest contributors to the Namibian GDP.

In the spirit of social responsibility, Gecko Namibia made an initial commitment upon its inception to allocate 10% of all net profits to the Gecko Foundation Trust and has delivered a formal assurance of its intentions to the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

Of the profits made in a specific area, 5% will be used to serve the immediate community that lives in the area. The funds will be directed at addressing some of the community’s most pressing needs. The balance (5%) will go towards needy communities who live further afield in Namibia.

Gecko Namibia looks forward to creating employment through the construction and post-construction phases thus easing unemployment woes currently pegged at a staggering 52%. PF