United Security services …service par excellence

Since its introduction to the Namibian market a few years ago, United Security Services the sole distributor and service provider of Chubb Products has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the provision of fire extinguishing and security equipments.

The United Security Services security has extended its wings of dominance across Government headquarters, premises of giant corporates in the country, residential areas as well highly-ranked embassies in Windhoek’s upper suburbs.

With a skilled and equipped workforce, United Security Services has a reputable ‘service par excellence’ concept through which it has become a trusted leader in the provision of safety fire equipment, not only locally but internationally. Steering this unique safety venture is the company’s General Manager, Lloyd Nzou.

“We are proud to be the sole distributors of fire extinguishing and security equipment in Namibia,” Lloyd told Prime Focus during a tour around the office in Windhoek’s Northern Industrial Area.

Having worked for the company for more than three years, Nzou has become an expert in the daily operations of the business and knows the industry from the inside out.

In his position, it is vital that he has the company’s product knowledge at the tips of his fingers as well as the purpose of each item and equipment. One of his core responsibilities is consulting with clients in the field on a daily basis.

“Our purpose is to safeguard the safety of businesses and properties from fire damage and other hazards while minimising the risks of such occurrences at any possible cost,” he said.

“Here, we are a team of young, qualified experts and team players,” he proudly said. The company offers customers high-tech security systems, thorough training for security and the onset of any emergency as well as general awareness on safety.

Currently, the company only operates in Windhoek and nowhere else in the country. According to Lloyd, there used to be a branch in the North but it was closed down due to unspecified reasons.

“At the moment, we supply security products throughout the country from our Windhoek main office but plans are underway to open a few branches in some parts of the country,” he revealed.

The company is a major importer of fire-fighting equipment in southern Africa, including Namibia and Botswana. Among some of the distributed products the company provides are dry chemical powders, entrance-controls, CO2 extinguishers and cabinets, petro foams, fire-hose reels, hydrant valves, fire hydrants and safety signage and devises, safes, security doors and site protection.

“A company can never be too careful when it comes to the safety and security of its premises, so regular risk assessments should be carried out to determine the level of security and the scale of possible security equipment,” Lloyd explained.

Lloyd’s team’s daily activities include delivering services and products to respective clients and servicing equipment.

“Companies should have their safety equipment serviced at least once a year, as this helps to ensure that they are in good working condition in case of an emergency,” he advised.

Being in such an innovative and competitive industry, regular research and innovative ways are constantly required to introduce new ways of technical security systems and for Chubb Security Namibia now, maintaining its quality standards and looking into new ways of coming up with more innovative and unique products, are its main objectives. PF