Amazed, amazing!

Every woman’s dream is to find an eating place that offers simple healthy dishes and has a boutique right inside it, to window-shop vintage Italian clothes while waiting for their order.

Amazed Coffee Shop is the epitome of Hollywood itself as we see it on television, with pictures of Merylin Monroe and Princess Diana on the walls.

The white, black and purple colours in the shop give a comfortable homely feeling.

Situated at the corner of Mandume Ndemufayo and Hosea Kutako roads, opposite Shell Service Station on the way to the University of Namibia, Amazed Coffee Shop takes the meaning of classy to another level with a capital ‘C’.

The smiles that greet you as you enter the door are as priceless and welcoming as those of a baby smiling for the first time.

Soft old jazz music playing in the background complemented with the sound of the car engines passing on the main road, automatically assures you that Millie Haitung (the owner)’s vision of retro and classy was followed to the letter.

At the corner of the restaurant is a lounge for (according to the owner) men who would like to relax, read their newspapers while waiting for their partners who could be in the boutique.

The view from the restaurant is amazing that one is actually tempted to sit there the whole day and watch the cars pass by.

Opened about four months ago, the restaurant’s menu’s filled with a wide variety of exotic salads ranging from asparagus tomato salad and tuna herb facili delicious cakes to different tropical drinks, offering all three meals of the day.

Looking at the exquisite nature of the place, one would think they have exorbitant meal prices but that is not the case. Their prices are all under N$100 with very reasonable portions.

Having gone there on a Friday evening, the place was not as packed as we thought it would be but that did not stop us from having a good time.

We were offered two dishes to taste from; chicken drumsticks and fried rice with shredded carrots on the side, and grilled ribs and chips with a side green salad.

The grilled ribs had a very unique tangy taste, which was different from the sweet and sour we are used to. The chef did outdo himself on the chicken drumsticks as they were very juicy and tasty. Even though he was very sceptical to share his recipe, he just mentioned that he had fried the drumsticks first then grilled them in the oven.

He in fact made the chicken sauce from scratch, not the instant sauces we are used to. It was sublime! The fried rice (fried in onions and mixed with peas, sweet corns and green beans), which complemented the dishes, was cooked to perfection that it did not need any sauce at all.

Their cake trolley had a wide variety to choose from that we felt like we were in a cake factory; from chocolate, carrot, vanilla cakes to tarts and muffins. The tip of the iceberg was the custard tart dessert and the famous Amazed fruit salad we were offered.

Even though it was my first time to taste a custard tart, I could see why it was diners’ favourite.

The chef responsible for all the dishes on the menu is a well renowned local chef who has worked in local high-class restaurants like Sossusvlei Gateway and the Namib Desert.

His expertise is surely represented by the dishes he prepares as he promises diners worth for their money. PF